Ethiopia Chelchele

Ethiopia Chelchele

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Region: Chelchele, Kochere, Yirgacheffe
Farm (farmer): small farmers' association
Altitude: 1800 m.n.m
Variety: heirloom variety
Processing: washed method
Acidity: high
Taste profile: dairy chocolate, peach, lime

Coffee in Ethiopia is usually grown by farmers on very small plots of land, but they also grow other crops. Most small owners deliver their cherry coffee to a nearby car wash or central processing unit. where their coffee will be sorted, weighed and paid for. The washing station serves up to several hundred sometimes to thousands or more producers who deliver cherries throughout the harvest season.

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Product description:

Mixing these cherries into daily batches normally makes it impossible to know exactly who the coffee will be in the bags on which day, which makes it difficult for the producer to keep track. However, every year we make every effort to obtain coffee from the same washing stations every year through our export partners and their interconnection with processing stations.

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