Colombia Funky Orange
Colombia Funky Orange
Colombia Funky Orange
Colombia Funky Orange
Colombia Funky Orange
Colombia Funky Orange
Colombia Funky Orange

Colombia Funky Orange

Orange, Kiwi, Bonpari
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Region: Huila
Farmer: Wilder Lazo
Farm: El Rubi
Altitude: 1600 - 1800 m above sea level
Varietal: Bourbon
Processing: washed - prolonged fermentation
Acidity: medium
Flavor profile: orange, kiwi, Bonpari
Cupping score: 88.5


El Rubí Farm is owned by farmer Wilder Laz and is located in the Huila region of Colombia. Farmer Wilder Lazo is an experienced and passionate coffee grower who focuses on producing high quality beans. His farm is located at an altitude between 1600 and 1800 meters above sea level. This Bourbon variety coffee is known in Colombia as Bourbon Naranja because of its orange aroma.


The Bourbon variety is a quality and highly rated coffee variety. It comes from the island of Réunion and is spread all over the world. The fruits of the Bourbon variety have a round shape and a higher sugar content. Coffee from this variety is valued for its rich aroma, full body and fine acidity. It is often grown at higher altitudes, where the conditions for its growth are optimal. The Bourbon variety is also preferred when growing select coffees with unique taste characteristics.


Funky Orange coffee is processed using the washed method with an extended fermentation time. After harvest, the coffee beans are fermented for 50 hours, promoting oxidation and the development of a rich flavor profile. This coffee offers a refreshing and pleasant flavor profile that evokes orange juice. It is suitable for those who like to treat themselves to freshness and energy in the morning.


Funky Orange is a very exceptional coffee that could easily be included in the competition coffee category. Because of this, we only have a very limited supply. 
It stands out for its purity, juiciness and very complex character of fruity and sweet taste notes of tropical fruit. The most suitable preparation is V60.


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