COLOMBIA - Hacienda La Palmera - natural

COLOMBIA - Hacienda La Palmera - natural

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The coffee was grown on a farm that is part of the COOPCAFEES cooperative.This association of coffee growers is very young. It was founded in 2018 and brings together 20 small coffee growers.Farmers will produce a total of 23,000 bags of coffee under the association's banner.The main person in this association is its manager Felipe Rincón Cárdenas.The initiative of 20 coffee growers was created based on the need to improve the quality of grown coffee.Thanks to this connection, members can reduce the cost of growing coffee, introduce new technologies in coffee processing.The cooperation includes training on how to preserve natural resources and develop growing potential in this locality.Among the main varieties grown members of this community


Farm (farmer): Felipe Rincón Cárdenas

Altitude:1300 – 1950 masl


Processing:natural process


Flavor profile: cherries, pomegranate, nutella

The farm "Hacienda La Palmera" is located in the west of the department of Caldas in the village of Anserma, 60 km from Manizales.
The coffee plantations spread at an altitude of 1300 and 1950 meters.
The average annual temperature in the locality is 18 ° C. Rainfall is around 2100 ml per square meter.
These climatic conditions, together with quality soil, predetermine the area for the production of high-quality coffees.
Composition of cultivated varieties from total production:
77% Columbia
18% Castillo
5% Pink Bourbon
At La Palmera, coffees are mainly processed using the natural method.
About 75% of production is processed in this way.
It is very environmentally friendly, due to low water consumption and at the same time the farm differs more among other growers,
who traditionally process coffee in the wet way for Colombia.

The hand-picking of our coffee took place during August 2020.
The total amount of coffee collected is 360 kg.
The coffee cherries were dried in the sun for 18 days.
The coffee produced has a very interesting taste profile - juicy acidity is combined with a very pleasant full body and high sweetness.


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