COLOMBIA - Finca El Corozal - Delfin Carvajal
COLOMBIA - Finca El Corozal - Delfin Carvajal
COLOMBIA - Finca El Corozal - Delfin Carvajal
COLOMBIA - Finca El Corozal - Delfin Carvajal
COLOMBIA - Finca El Corozal - Delfin Carvajal

COLOMBIA - Finca El Corozal - Delfin Carvajal

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Region: Wheels
Farmer: Dolphin Carvajal
Farma: Corozal Farm
Altitude: 1500 m n.m
Variety: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
Processing: natural
Acidity: medium
Flavor Profile: Tropical fruit, raisins, milk chocolate 


Coffee cultivation is part of a 4-generation family heritage. Finca El Corozal belongs to the Carvajal-Castiblanco family (the family of Delfin and his wife), but it is actually managed by Delfin's brother Euclides Carvajal Córdoba.
Finca El Corozal was born de facto as a corporation of 7 brothers who bought the first 3 hectares in 2004, then expanded the farm until 2011.


It was created by a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety in Brazil in the first half of the 20th century. It stands out for its acidity, medium body and sweet fruity taste. The yield of these coffee plants is high. Today, coffee is grown in South and Central America.

It is a hybrid of the Caturra variety, which originated in the 70s in Colombia. The variety was bred due to frequent coffee rusts, which caused frequent fluctuations in coffee production. Castillo is highly resistant to rust, has a higher yield than Caturra and Colombia, and is the most commonly grown cultivar in Colombia. We can recognize it due to its larger grains and it is popular mainly due to its resistance to the already mentioned coffee rust.

The Colombia variety went through five generational cycles before it was finally introduced by Cenicafé in 1983. It was created by crossing two varieties resistant to coffee rust, Caturra and Timor hybrid. Cultivation Finca El Corozal is located in Garzón, in Huila and lies at 1500 m above sea level, where Delfin cultivates 20,000 trees. On his farm you will find, among other varieties, Caturra, Castillo and Colombia. Delfín's main focus is the way in which space and time can be optimized when drying his selected coffee by preserving all physical and organoleptic properties.


Delfin's process for processing natural coffees takes place in such a way that the coffee ferments in cherries for the first 14 hours, then it is transferred to a solar dryer for approximately 8-12 days. The whole process is finished in a mechanical dryer, where the cherries dry for 32 hours at a temperature of 36°C.

Recommended preparation

Filtered coffee - V60, Aeropress, French press

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