Costa Rica - San Ignacio de Acosta

Costa Rica - San Ignacio de Acosta

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The San Ignacio de Acosta region is known for producing high quality coffee. In the mid-19th century, the inhabitants of the Central Valley moved to the south of the country, today known as Los Santos.
This region has 220 km2 of land cultivated by farms with an average area of 2.5 hectares. 95% of the coffee produced in this area is classified as SHB.
Our coffee has been grown on several farms in the Tarrazu region, internationally renowned for its quality coffee. 
Many villages in the San Ignacio de Acosta Terroir have names beginning with "San", which means "Saint" in English. The same goes for the capital "San Jose". For this reason, the coffee was named after the supplier SAINTS.


Our coffee consists of two varieties, red catuai and red caturra. The Caturra variety is a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety and the Catuai is a hybrid of the Mundo Nuovo and Caturra varieties.
Both coffee trees are more of a dwarf height and produce rather smaller compact beans.
They have very good growing yields, but require great care, plenty of moisture and rich nutrient soil.
The ideal altitude for growing these varieties is around 1500 m.n.m.
These varieties are one of the most widely grown varieties of coffee trees in Costa rice. 


The growing area is very rich in rainfall. The rainy season lasts almost 7 months, during which it rains over 2,500 mm of water per square meter a year in this area.
The average temperature is around 21 ° C. influenced by the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.
The individual plantations are separated by large forest areas, which maintain natural biological corridors.


The coffee is processed by the washed method. This method allows growers to separate cherries that are not fully ripe at the outset. Hand-picked coffee cherries were fermented for 24 to 36 hours. After removing the skin and flesh, the grains were dried on terraces.

Region: Central Valley - San Rafael
Farm (farmer): Minor Salas Alfaro / Piedra blanca
Altitude: 1400 - 1700 m above sea level
Variety: Red Catuai, Red Cattura
Processing: Washed
Acidity: Medium
Taste profile: grapefruit, nougat, cashews

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