Decaf Brazil

Decaf Brazil

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Altitude: 1000 m.n.m.
Variety: yellow catuai
Processing: washed
Acidity: low
Taste profile: nuts, cocoa, brown sugar

A mixture of Brazilian Arabica from lower positions up to 1000 m.n.m. Thanks to the Swiss water process, caffeine was removed from this coffee and at the same time the beans were not exposed to chemicals, especially methylene chloride.

Water was used to remove caffeine from coffee. The original pioneers were the Swiss as early as 1933, but this method was developed as a commercially viable company by Coffex SA in 1980.

It was introduced to the world in 1988 by The Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company from Canada and we have been importing coffee from there.

Coffee is medium-bodied with increased sweetness. In the taste of this coffee you will find tones of nuts, cocoa and brown sugar.


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