El Salvador Vega

El Salvador Vega

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We haven't had coffee from El Salvador on our menu for a long time.

This one appealed to us with its complexity and sweetness and therefore we decided to buy it for you.

Coffee comes from the region of Apaneca - Ilamatepec, which is located in the northwestern part of the country.

Collection took place manually in March 2020.

It comes from a plantation that was founded in 1989 and covers 205 hectares.

The plantation extends at an altitude of 1350 to 1450 m above .m.

The soil here is mostly sandy and clay with enough moisture.

The name of the Buena Vista farm (beautiful viewpoint) refers to the amazing nature here.

Region: Apaneca

Farm (farmer): Buena Vista

Altitude: 1350 - 1450 m above sea level.m

Variety: red bourbon

Processing: honey

Acidity: low

Taste profile: pomelo, apple, honey

The farm is owned by Mr. Andres Salaverria.
Red bourbon is a high variety that is characterized by relatively low production and susceptibility to serious diseases.
If it manages to protect it and from pests and bad weather, the coffees prepared from this variety are excellent.
French missionaries brought Bourbon from Yemen to the island of Bourbon (now La Réunion) in the early 17th century.
According to this island, the variety was given a name.
From the middle of the 18th century Bourbon spread to new parts of the world.
The coffee was processed by a dry process and dried on African beds.
Thanks to this, very sweet honey tones of red apples and pomela developed in it.
Suitable preparation of this coffee is espresso, where it fully develops its taste and beautiful round body.

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