Ethiopia Alaka - microlot
Ethiopia Alaka - microlot
Ethiopia Alaka - microlot
Ethiopia Alaka - microlot

Ethiopia Alaka - microlot

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Region: Guji
Farm (Farmer): Go
Altitude: 1900 - 2250 m.n.m
Variety: Heirloom
Processing: washed method
Acidity: high
Flavor profile: earl grey, apricots, lemon
Certification: organic - BIO


Metad - a group made up of members of the diaspora who returned from the US to their country of origin Ethiopia. Members offer coffee produced by 3200 farmers from 7 associations connected to the Hambela farm. The farm is located 400 km south of Addis Ababa in the Oromo region of Guji. Hambela was founded in 2013 and its current area is 200 hectares.

At the Metad farm, he pays special attention to all stages of growing coffee plants, harvesting, processing and storage. The group established coffee nurseries producing 600,000 seedlings. Plants from the nursery  are further provided free of charge to growers working with the farm.

Metad is also actively involved in environmental protection and social projects, supports the organic certification of farmers and finances the construction of roads, schools, etc.


Most of the farm area is covered with forest. This forest is endemic - native species and trees grow here.
Some of the plants are extremely old. Coffee trees grow here in the shade of mature trees.
This guarantees optimal humidity for proper development and ripening of the fruit. 
The soil in this area is mostly of volcanic origin with a high mineral content.

The harvest on the Hambela farm takes place from November to January. All coffee is harvested by hand.


Heirloom is a designation for the original tree species in Ethiopia. For some farmers, we will already find in most of the designation of a specific variety.
For coffees grown in the forests and in the Guji area, most coffees are still marked with this term and it is not possible to find out the exact composition directly.
Even so, we chose this coffee and bought it in our roastery. It appealed to us with its typical delicate taste and aroma characteristic of the Guji region.


After harvesting, the coffee was processed by the washed method. 
After comminution and subsequent fermentation, the coffee cherries are stripped of their skin and pulp. 
Grain drying on the Hambela farm takes place on African beds, where even drying of the grains is guaranteed and the formation of mold, which may otherwise be formed, is also prevented.

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