Ethiopia Tirtira Goyo
Ethiopia Tirtira Goyo
Ethiopia Tirtira Goyo

Ethiopia Tirtira Goyo

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Region: Guji
Farm (farmer): Go
Altitude: 1900 - 2200 m.n.m
Variety: Heirloom
Processing: dry method
Acidity: medium
Taste profile: citrus, blum, chocolate


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Tirtira Goyo is located 400 km south of Addis Ababa, in the Guji region. DW has built drying stations here to process cherries from nearby farms. DW buys cherries from local farmers. Coffee trees are grown here in a rich natural environment with many different types of trees. The DD Company works with local farmers to provide them with technical assistance and financial support.
This close cooperation with farmers supports the cultivation of high-quality coffee.
Tirtira Goyo coffee grows at an altitude of about 2000m.n.m.
The name of our coffee gave the name of the village where the drying station "Tirtira" is built. It literally means to have a strong, fearless personality. Goyo is the name of a farmer who lived here many years ago and was known for his tenacity. The village, the kiln and now the coffee pay tribute to this old local character, Goyo, a brave farmer who still inspires young farmers today!

DW Coffee Export has been operating in the coffee sector for more than 20 years, especially in the Guji region, where the manager Demissie Edema comes from. DW is a grower and exporter of coffee. DW in the Guji area owns farms and at the same time also several processing plants.
In addition to the coffee harvested on their farms, DW works with small farmers to buy other coffee cherries. To maintain the best possible quality, the company pays local farmers a higher price for the highest quality fruit. This motivates them to take more care of their coffee trees and future crops. In recent years, several coffees from the local processing plants have won awards at competitions not only in Ethiopia, but also in comparison with coffees from other African regions.


Most places where coffee is grown are covered with lush forests. 
Coffee trees here grow in the shade of a mature tree.
Especially the false Abyssinian bananas (Enset), which are very common in southern Ethiopia.
The shade guarantees optimal humidity for proper fruit development and ripening. 
The soil in this area is mostly of volcanic origin with a high mineral content.
Harvest in this region takes place from November to January and coffee is harvested by hand.


Heirloom is the name for the original tree species in Ethiopia. For some farmers, we will already find in most of the designation of a specific variety.
For coffees grown in forests and in the Guji area, most coffees are still labeled with this term and it is not possible to find the exact composition directly.
Even so, we chose this coffee and bought it in our roastery. It appealed to us with its typical delicate taste and aroma characteristic of the Guji region.


After harvesting, the coffee was processed by the natural method. 
After harvesting, the cherries are spread on African beds and slowly dried while standing
aeration, even no mold or unwanted fermentation. 

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