Káva Coffee Source GUATEMALA - El Aguacate - JESUS CARDONA
Káva Coffee Source GUATEMALA - El Aguacate - JESUS CARDONA 250g


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Region: Huehuetenango
Farm (Farmer): The Avocado - Jesus Cardona
Altitude: 1650 m n.m.
Variety: Caturra, Bourbon
Processing: Washed
Acidity: Medium
Flavor profile: apple cider, milk chocolate, jam
Recommended method of preparation: Filtered coffee


El Aguacate farm is owned by Jesus and Concepció, the name of the farm translates to "avocado tree". They named it after a large, old tree that grows on their property. This and other trees grown on the farm provide shade for the coffee and an additional source of income for the households.

Ten years ago, the family bought a piece of land and began gradually building their farm.

It took persistence and determination, but now they feel they've made it. The children are now studying and have succeeded in creating employment for people in the area. "Since I was little, I dreamed of working in the fields and owning my own land, and today I'm here," says Jesus. I love working in the industry and doing something I enjoy. "We are always ready to learn new things and improve the quality of our coffee."

The climate of this area is cold; cool air and clouds flow throughout the day. And that's why the coffee ripens slowly and evenly. During the harvest, there are three rounds of picking, when only ripe cherries are harvested. The cherries are then peeled that same afternoon and fermented for two days. They are then washed and dried for about seven days.


It was created by a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety in Brazil in the first half of the 20th century. It stands out for its acidity, medium body and sweet fruity taste. The yield of these coffee plants is high. Today, coffee is grown in South and Central America.


Bourbon, together with the Typica variety, form the most culturally and genetically significant group of coffea arabica coffees in the world. Bourbon is characterized by lower production, susceptibility to major diseases, but excellent cup quality.

The variety was imported to Brazil around 1860 and from there it quickly spread north to other parts of South and Central America.


Ripe cherries were hand-picked, then peeled from the skin on the same day. They then fermented for two days and were finally dried in the sun for about 7 days.


apple cider, milk chocolate, jam


on the filter

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