Why we do not grind the coffee?
For several reasons, the most important is the loss of aromas Immediately after grinding, with ongoing time this loss increases exponentially. Also, the accuracy of the coarseness of grind, because we do not have and can not have the experience with your specific parameters coffee, probably misses to the right, and the desired ideal, making the coffee practically unusable.

Why can not I pick up the goods personately?
We had this option enabled in the system for about a year, but many customers have ordered goods, but did not pick up, this variant are thus rejected with the assurance that all offered goods (excluding professional coffee machines and grinders) can be bought directly at the stores Coffee roasters Source.

Why are some coffees outstretched different profile?
This is mainly due to the type of training, in particular blends are designed to espresso and they require little modification roasting profile, single origin coffees are designed primarily to alternatives.

What is the time period after outstretched is the perfect time to make coffee?
In the case of espresso, we have proven for 6 days when coffee gets on your body and overall intensity, if you can prepare alternatives immediately.

Sending the coffee and to foreign countries? Is it possible to somehow regulate the price of delivery (payment transfer etc.)?
Yes we ship according to the pricelist of GEIS transportation, after you entering you ZIP code you can easily realise transportation costs in this case it is necessary you can send an email to objednavky@coffeesource.eu

Do you sell instant coffee?
We do not sell, it does not agree with our preview of the resulting taste, also cast its industrial production and expiration date does not inspire in us too much confidence.

How long will they keep the coffee fresh?
This is about more controversy, but in general, consider the coffee fresh for about 99 days after the outstretched coffee has during his "life" first progressive character that attains its peak in the 30 days after roast

There is a difference between the various grinding coffee?
Yes, and huge, it's the alpha and omega of all kinds of preparations just a tiny deviation from the ideal coarseness means devaluation of drinks.

What does Direct trade mean?
It's kind of buying raw coffee, which has the fairest elements on the axis of the seller - the buyer without other intermediaries, reflecting the specific situation on the market in the event of crop quality and price rises, because more people interested and concrete producer (farmer) and utrží more than when it is part of the various organizations with a hint of charity marketing, but which must contribute regardless of the quality or size of the harvest, when the beautiful harvest thus gets exactly the same price as in the case of an average crop - and it is not fair

How can I make coffee at home, without having to buy coffee?
There are wonderful alternative kinds of preparations that do not require large investments and as a result you mouhou reach more than an obligatory espresso (např.drip, Aeropress, percolator, Chemex, french press)

It is important to have filtered water into the coffee maker?
Yes, both because of the taste and because of equipment maintenance, especially on espresso. Just remember that water forms 98% of the resulting drink! Therefore, the water quality is essential to the preparation of coffee!

How and how often should I clean my coffee maker?
In the case of espresso, we recommend every day from coffee deposits (detergent) and every month since the minerals contained in the water (decalcificator) in the case alternative no comment.

Why my favorite coffee is no longer available?
It is simple because good coffee is limited. It may be that the coffee will and must wait for the new crop. But the new crop may taste differently, or not at all may be due to crop failure, natural disasters (see Haiti), or simply failed to buy again.



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