Chai Latte - chuť orientu a fenomén dnešní doby

Chai Latte - A taste of the Orient and a phenomenon of today

Although this drink has a long tradition in various parts of the world, it has only recently come to our Czech cafes. You have probably heard of or heard of Chai Latte, or Masala chai, as they call it in India. It is a huge phenomenon of today and despite the fact that it is more popular abroad, it is slowly becoming a bestseller here in our country as well. And no wonder. Chai latte has a very pleasant spicy taste with strong sweetness. There is nothing complicated about its preparation and since it is actually tea, it contains significantly less caffeine than coffee, which can also be an advantage for some. 

Chai Latte

Where does this drink come from?

The cradle of Chai latte is India, where they know it as Masala Chai (Masala means "mixture of spices" and Chai is simply "tea"). Many legends are associated with the history of this drink, and its tradition, according to these stories, dates back 5,000 years. The ancient Indians prepared it in various ways and believed that it was a cleansing and invigorating drink. So it is a real mystery why he traveled to the Czech Republic only now.

What is Chai latte made of? 

Chai latte is based on a strong black tea extract and exotic spices such as cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. This combination must then be sweetened with either sugar or another sweetener. The sweetness will properly develop the taste of the spice and Chai Latte will taste the way it really is. If you had this drink in India, it would be even sweeter. Indians do not really save sugar in its preparation.

The resulting drink is then prepared as a classic latte. You just exchange the coffee for Chai Latte concentrate and pour hot or cold milk over it. You can also use herbal milk alternatives, which will achieve even more interesting flavors. Chai latte can therefore be served in warm and icy variants, it only depends on your preferences and probably the time of year. 

However, if you would like to prepare Masala chai according to a traditional recipe, we can assure you that it is not easy. There are countless ways to prepare and every traditional Indian family has its own. Some people infuse pre-prepared tea bags and pour milk over them, and others boil all the necessary ingredients at length. Therefore, the traditional recipe most likely does not exist.

Taste and health effects 

Its taste is difficult to describe. The interplay of spices is incredibly pleasant and in combination with the whipped milk foam creates a softness that you will want to drink over and over again. In addition, cinnamon and cardamom have great properties and are very beneficial for the human body in terms of digestion. Cinnamon also acts as a powerful antioxidant. So not only does Chai Latte taste good, it also has good health effects. Its hot variant will keep you warm on frozen winter days.

If you have not yet tasted this popular drink, join us at one of our branches, we will be happy to prepare it for you! And if you would like to enjoy the taste of the Orient in the comfort of your home, just order ours Royal Chai Latte blend. Royal Chai Latte can also be used to prepare various types of cold drinks - iced tea, frappe, ice cream cocktail. It can also be added to homemade lemonade.