Modbar is a company from the United States that was not afraid to completely change the established ideas about the design of the coffee machine. Modbar has moved most of the coffee machine under the bar, so you only have espresso or steam jet heads above the work surface. Thanks to the modular solution, the individual dispensing heads can be assembled at the bar as you wish. As a result, the work process for preparing coffee beverages can be significantly improved. Modbar is made of only the highest quality components and materials. If you want a breathtaking design and uncompromising quality of prepared drinks in your company, Modbar is your choice.

    It all started at the beginning of the new millennium in the basement as an idea of Corey Waldron, during the day a barista and a guitarist at night. He thought about how to be closer to the customer, what to do so that a huge espresso machine did not stand between the customer and the barista. His original idea, combined with the knowledge and experience of bassist Aric Forbing with the construction of machinery and equipment, soon led to the construction of a coffee machine, most of which are hidden under the bar top. The concept was first introduced in 2007. La Marzocco became the first major investor. Relations between Modbar and LM grew closer and closer. It all culminated in 2017, when all machines that are not intended for the American market are manufactured in Italy at the La Marzocco factory. The modular design of the coffee machine allows for tremendous variability in the layout of the individual modules. The customer can determine how the individual modules will be set up at the bar for optimal operation.

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