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Water filtration


    For more details on water quality testing, see article on our BLOG

    For ideal filtration, measurements must first be made at a specific location and the appropriate equipment selected based on the results.


    BRITA and BWT water filters are composed of various filter media, which are optimally matched and together ensure the best possible water quality.
    1. Prefiltration - the pre-filter captures coarse particles.
    2. Reduction of water hardness - filter medium reduces water hardness, limescale and gypsum sediments.
    3. Activated carbon - removes substances that have an adverse effect on taste and aroma.
    4. Fine filtration - removes unwanted fine particles.


    Water hardness

    The hardness of the water used, limescale and mineral sediments can affect the function of coffee machines. BRITA and BWT filters reliably reduce these risks by treating elements in water.

    Aroma and taste

    Chlorine disinfection of drinking water is widespread in much of the world. Even the smallest amount of these substances has a negative effect on the taste and aroma of coffee. This is the reason for the bitter taste and the blurred soft aroma of the coffee. BRITA and BWT filters permanently reduce these undesirable properties.

    Coarse and fine particles

    Most drinking water contains coarse and fine particles, which can not only negatively affect the quality of beverages, but also the functionality and safety of the machines used. The special materials in BRITA Professional and BWT filters remove these particles and protect high-quality machines, thus saving you costs.
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