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Drip station Behmor Brazen Plus

Drip station Behmor Brazen Plus

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  • Mode Button: Where the programming happens! Under this function, easily program the brew start time, pre-soak time, brew temperature, clock time and calibrate your elevation.
  • Auto-On: Program the Brazen Plus to auto start at any time of the day.
  • Pre-soak Function: Allow your grounds to bloom for optimal flavor! Program the pre-soak function anywhere from 15 seconds to 4 minutes.
  • Variable Temperature Control: Effortlessly set your preferred brew temperature between 190-210°F.
  • Elevation Calibration: By telling the Brazen Plus how far above sea level you reside, this coffee maker automatically compensates for elevation changes and how that impacts boiling point.
  • Insulated Stainless Steel Carafe: This helpful carafe keeps your coffee toasty for hours, without the fuss of a hot plate burner.
  • Manual Release: Feel like trying your hand at a precise pour-over? Easily brew into a Chemex carafe as this function allows the Brazen Plus to release heated water into a container other than the stainless steel carafe. Set the water temperature, remove the carafe, and use your Brazen Plus as a kettle for your favorite pour-over or to brew tea!
  • Large Filter Basket: The extra-capacity gold-tone permanent filter basket is 15% larger than the previous version's basket, giving your grounds room to bloom without overflowing.
  • Memory Save: The power may flicker from time to time (or be out for hours!), but the Brazen Plus will never forget your preferred settings.
  • Water Capacity Indicators: Inside the spacious water reservoir you'll notice water level lines. The maximum capacity will be marked (40 ounces), as well as the calibration fill line and a recommended smaller brew of 30 ounces.
  • Large Shower Head: Coffee Grounds become fully saturated during the brew process, as the large shower head rains over all the grounds and pulses the water flow for ideal coffee extraction.
  • Next Level Brewing: The Brazen Plus provides so much precision that you're able to take your standard drip brewing to the next level!
  • Simple Start-Up: No need to shy away from all the tech options! This brewer is user-friendly straight out of the box and super easy to set-up and start your first brew.
  • Friendly Carafe: The updated thermal carafe is perfect at pouring!
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