Where to get good coffee? List of events and festivals

Various events, festivals and competitions. In short, it lives in the coffee community during the year! You can look forward to the events listed below. We look forward to seeing you at selected of them with our Coffee Source stand.

Events in the Czech Republic

Prague Coffee Festival brings together the world of professionals and coffee enthusiasts. The festival was created with the idea of ​​supporting the Czech coffee culture and thus enabling the meeting of everyone who is interested in coffee. With its program, the Prague Coffee Festival tries to grasp the topic of coffee in a broader context, so that everyone can find something for themselves. Visitors can look forward to lectures, tasting coffee samples from local and foreign roasters, roasting demonstrations, cafe presentations, workshops on alternative coffee methods, as well as a rich cultural program for adults and children.

The Barista of the Year Festival is an annual event that attracts not only enthusiastic baristas from all over the country to participate in several competitions, but also all coffee enthusiasts. The festival offers much more than just competitions. Visitors can participate in a series of lectures by leading experts, creative workshops and tastings of the best coffees from different corners of the world.

The Czech Barista & Latte Art Championship is a weekend full of coffee or national barista championships in the Barista and Latte Art categories, i.e. painting coffee with milk foam. Visitors can taste coffee from the best Czech roasters, hear interesting lectures and meet the Czech coffee community.

The AeroPress Coffee Championship brings together tens of thousands of coffee lovers every year to enjoy a competition that is all about atmosphere, accessibility and fun.

Two Coffee Champs is a two-day festival focused on coffee tastings in various preparations, lectures, cuppings and workshops focused on sensory and home coffee preparation. Two Coffee Champs offers three main aspects: music, art and of course coffee.

The Czech Brewers Cup is a leading coffee competition in the manual preparation of filtered coffee. Its national round is held annually under the auspices of SCA Czech Republic.

The aim of the competition is to raise the quality of the specialty coffee scene, showcase the craft and skill of manual filter coffee preparation, and unite the global coffee community through an annual world championship featuring expert baristas from different countries.

Krnov Coffee Festival is a celebration of selected coffee. Its main idea is to teach the general public to drink high-quality, well-prepared, properly served and, above all, tasty coffee. The festival shows that not only in big metropolises, but also in a small border town, you can build a large, recognized, professional coffee program with exceptional guests, quality entertainment and a great atmosphere.

Apetit picnic is a gastro festival organized by the renowned magazine Apetit. It brings together magazine readers, editors, lovers of good food and drink, chefs, unique pop-up restaurants, professional sellers and small farmers as well as chefs who are presenting their products and cooking skills to the public for the very first time.

The Karlín street food festival offers the best of modern gastronomy. Visitors are treated to plenty of great food and drink from street food professionals. The festival is accompanied by various events, such as live music and activities for children.

Similar to the Prague Coffee Festival, this festival in Brno brings a wide range of coffee experiences for enthusiasts and professionals in the field. It offers coffee tastings, workshops, presentations and performances.

Foreign events

Host Milano is an international exhibition dedicated to gastronomy and hospitality. Held every two years, it offers everything needed to build a successful business, from raw materials to semi-finished products, from machinery to equipment, from furniture to tableware, focusing on trends, technology and innovation.

The World of Coffee Festival is one of the most important and anticipated coffee events in the world. Every year, it welcomes thousands of enthusiastic participants from all over the world who discover the latest trends, technologies and tastes associated with coffee. The festival serves as a platform for the presentation of new products, educational programs and discussions on current topics in the coffee industry. From exhibitions showcasing the best coffee beans and machines to barista competitions, cupping workshops and tastings. This year, the European World of Coffee takes place in Copenhagen, giving attendees an even greater chance to explore the European coffee scene in this cultural and coffee-important city.

The Specialty Coffee Expo, hosted by SCA, is the largest specialty coffee B2B event in North America. The fair is focused on all aspects of the coffee industry. It is a meeting place for roasters, retailers, food and beverage professionals as well as coffee lovers.

The London Coffee Festival is one of the world's largest coffee and hospitality events, showcasing London's vibrant coffee scene and its creative subcultures. More than 23,500 visitors visited the event in 2023, confirming the fact that it is one of the most advanced coffee cities in the world.

Coffee Fest is a series of coffee festivals held in various cities across the US. Coffee Fest enables the meeting of coffee enthusiasts and professionals in the field, who transfer know-how to each other and thus stimulate business growth.

The Australian International Coffee Awards is an international competition for roasting coffee in Australia, to which hundreds of samples from roasters from all over the world are regularly entered.

The International Coffee Week (SIC) is one of the largest trade fairs in the world where experts in the field meet. SIC offers top content in the form of lectures, courses, workshops, competitions, coffee tastings, research and guided tastings.

The Amsterdam Coffee Festival is a celebration of the vibrant and vibrant coffee scene in the Benelux countries. Last year, more than 10,500 visitors visited the festival, including coffee lovers, professional baristas and owners of espresso bars and cafes.