You don't need to burn kerosene for good coffee. We will have samples sent to us.

Pražič Tomáš Hudec v pražírně Coffee Source
Who we are
A little bit about us

Coffee Source is a Czech company engaged in the preparation and sale of specialty and conventional coffee. Although good coffee completely fills our lives, we also do other important things around it. If we compare the market situation in our beginnings with the situation today, we can say that we have come a long way… And not only us.

Coffee, like other foods, has not avoided the trend of recent years, when the customer looks more at its quality. The beginnings of Coffee Source can be traced back to 2003, when we, the current owners, after frustration caused by the lack of good coffee in the Czech Republic, started our coffee business by importing coffee from a small Italian roaster and La Marzocco coffee machines. These top-of-the-line devices were a complete revelation in the market at the time, as were we, who were full of vigor promoting these devices for the price of three ordinary coffee machines. We did not give up and pursued our vision despite the difficult beginnings. Today, we have many satisfied customers who cannot imagine preparing espresso from another coffee machine. We soon discovered that the coffee imported from Italy was not what satisfied us. Already in 2005, we started selling freshly roasted coffee. In the beginning, we had our coffee roasted by local roasters. Even at that time, more than half of the roasted coffees were from the "Gourmet" coffee group.

Roastery and showroom
Coffee Source Štěrboholy

The logical shift was the purchase of our own coffee roasting equipment. We have been roasting coffee in our own roastery since 2007.

Since then, we have full control over the coffee production process. We are constantly learning how to improve the entire production. Today we buy coffee not only in ports, but also directly on plantations.

Showroom a pražírna Coffee Source
Kavárna Coffee Source Francouzská
Coffee Source Francouzská

We run our own Coffee Source cafe at 106 Francouzská Street, where anyone can taste the results of our efforts.

We also train the staff of cafes and restaurants where our coffee is prepared. We were even at the birth of many micro roasters, to which we supplied not only roasting equipment, but also contributed advice. In short, from the beginning we wanted to make the best coffee for people, and we are doing everything to ensure that they enjoy it in the future. Coffee Source was and will be a source of quality coffee and the most modern technologies for its preparation.