Desatero Strada

Ten Strada

Ten works with the STRADA coffee machine

The Strada coffee machine brings unprecedented possibilities for handling espresso. Thanks to the possibility of creating pressure profiles of extraction, it is necessary to approach the coffee machine differently than the classic one. To achieve the consistency of the served coffee, the following ten must be taken into account. But don't take this Ten as a commandment. With the Strada coffee machine, you are the researchers who try to get the most out of their shots and maintain their high quality. The Strada coffee machine is only on the market for a short time, follow internet discussions and forums, become a member of La Marzocco Club and share your knowledge. You may be at the beginning of the same revolution as equipping your espresso machine with a high-pressure pump. So be active and take part in the revolution.

1. Get Strada (it is meant to buy this coffee machine)

2. Weigh the weight of the espresso in the cup. (This is very important, the same weight means the same volume, Strada remembers the pressure profile, not the volume of the cup !!) Profile change = volume change !!)

3. Try to achieve constant inputs (meaning weight, grinding roughness, tamping, temperature, pressure profile, etc.)

4. Longer for infusions = faster flow

5. There are no differences in the pressure profiles of single-species coffee vs. coffee blends.

6. Try to change only one of the constants at a time (related to point 3.) If you change several constants at once, only chaos will arise.

7. Start working with Strada on a classic profile (9 BAR, 25 seconds)

8. Try to set a goal with the coffee (how would you like the coffee to taste)

9. Measure your results objectively (extract mojo)

10. Divide the profile into parts (ideally 3 pre-infusions, extractions and extraction end) make changes in only one of the parts of the profile. See chart in gallery

Keep records, download profiles from colleagues or the manufacturer, create a "profile of the week" chart Experiment, become pioneers in the field of research in the preparation of a new espresso.