Domácí filtrovaná káva z kávovarů Moccamaster. Jaké mají výhody?

Homemade filtered coffee from Moccamaster coffee machines. What are the benefits?

It's not a coffee machine like a coffee machine. You won't get a classic espresso from Moccamaster, but these professional devices can prepare the best filtered coffee for you. Moccamaster coffee machines have many advantages over other filter stations on the market, so they are not only intended for home coffee preparation, but are also suitable for smaller operations such as hotel restaurants. You can find three types and each of them stands out with different features, which we will gradually introduce in this article.

How does coffee taste from Moccamaster filter stations?

It really depends on which coffee beans you use in the filter. If you choose quality selection coffee, you can definitely look forward to an excellent drink full of interesting flavors. Moccamaster coffee machines have one main advantage over other filter stations. They contain highly vpowerful copper resistance coils and they maintain a constant temperature in the range of 92 to 96° C throughout the extraction period. Thanks to this temperature stabilization, the coffee preparation process is perfect, so you can really achieve the best flavor profile and get the most out of the quality beans. If you do not yet have much experience with quality coffee beans, you will certainly appreciate it tasting set, in which you can find 6 types of coffee beans and you can then choose the one that you like best.

Kávovar Moccamaster KGBT's thermos 

This is a filter station that prepares your coffee directly into the 1.25 liter thermos, which is 10 cups. Thanks to it, your coffee stays fresh longer and full of the delicious flavors that this preparation method offers. You can then close the thermos and use it during the work morning, long weekend breakfast or brunch with friends. 

Moccamaster one cup coffee maker - preparation directly into the cup

The second type of Moccamaster is ideal for the home or office, where coffee is drunk throughout the day. This coffee maker can directly prepare a cup (0.33 l) of delicious filtered coffee in just 4 minutes. In addition, it is very practical and, as far as cups are concerned, it holds a really wide range of shapes and sizes. You can thus prepare fresh drip coffee for your favorite whenever you feel like it or have a suitable occasion. 

Moccamaster KGB select coffee maker - with glass container

The last variant is a coffee machine that prepares filtered coffee for you in a glass container. This type is suitable, for example, for hotel restaurants where breakfast buffets are served or for family gatherings. The kettle has a volume of 1.25 liters, which is nicely enough for 6-10 cups. In addition, the coffee maker also includes a hotplate, which continuously heats the contents of the kettle for 40 minutes to a temperature in the range 80 to 85°C. So the coffee stays fresh for a longer time, so you don't have to worry about it expiring too quickly. 

Advantages of these coffee machines

A great advantage of coffee machines with a thermos and a glass container is the option to switch to a half-drip dose. This means that if 1.25 litres, i.e. 10 cups, would be too much for you, you don't have to pour out the rest, the coffee machines will accommodate you and drip less. And no matter which variant you choose, you can always choose between different color options and match the coffee machine with your home or business interior. Among other things, you will find suitable ones in each package paper filters, which Moccamaster filter stations cannot do without. The filters catch all the sediment and also the oils that occur naturally in coffee (they can be clearly seen in espresso, for example). Thanks to them, the resulting drink is perfectly clean and full of delicious, colorful flavors. 

You can expect absolutely silent operation and a long trouble-free life from all these coffee machines. Even so, a 5-year warranty is a matter of course with us. So you don't have to worry about any complications and just enjoy delicious coffee every day.