Jak si doma udělat skvělý DRIP

How to make a great DRIP at home

It has long been the case that for a cup of good filtered coffee you would necessarily have to go to the nearest cafe. You can also prepare filtered coffee at home, and in this article we will reveal our universal recipe with which we try new coffees. If the result does not suit you for the first time, you need to try more grinding roughness. If its taste and aroma are not very intense, you can refine the grinding or add quantity. The opposite is also true.

Drip V60 is one of the alternative brewing methods with which you can comfortably prepare the purest filtered coffee. The advantage of Drip V60 is easy preparation, higher caffeine content and softer taste compared to espresso. This method of preparation is beautifully suited for households, cafes, but also for example in the office, where you can surprise your colleagues with excellent filtered coffee. Other alternative methods of preparation can also include: Aeropress, Moka, Frenchpress and others.

 To prepare 1 serving of drip we will need:

  • 16.5 g of selected coffee
  • 250 ml/g water 95°C
  • V60 size 01
  • Paper filter size 01
  • Water decanter
  • Barista weight
  • grinder
  • Jug

Preparation of Drip V60

  1. When preparing the V60 drip, it is necessary to pour hot water over the paper filter to minimize the unwanted taste of the paper from the filter, and it is also important not to forget to pour out the water afterwards.
  2. To maintain the correct temperature of the drink, it is good to rinse the cup or container into which you will be preparing coffee with hot water.
  3. Now it's time to grind coffee. Grind the coffee to a medium roughness reminiscent of semolina sugar.
  4. We pour 16.5 g of coffee into the V60 drip and the first infusion comes in, when we pour in about 50 ml / g and thoroughly mix the coffee with water. The water temperature should be 95 ° C. The first infusion of water is the so-called pre-infusion, which lasts 15 seconds
  5. After preinfusion, pour the coffee in the second pour in a circular motion to a total of 100 ml / g. Try not to pour water on the filter wall so that the water does not flow directly into the bottom container. Wait 30 seconds.
  6. In the third pour, we pour 155 ml / g coffee again in a circular motion to the final 255 ml / g.
  7. The extraction time is the time it takes for all the water to flow into the bottom container. We will influence it mainly by the coarseness of grinding. In this case, the extraction time should be about 2:30 - 3 min.
  8. Now you can enjoy filtered coffee from the V60 drip!

You can also see the process of preparing the V60 drip in our video:

Now you know exactly how you can prepare filtered coffee with the V60 drip from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is wish you pleasant moments spent both in preparation and in enjoying the result.