Jak správně doma skladovat kávu

How to store coffee properly at home

You chose coffee beans from us, ordered them and now she has arrived at your house. Did you open the bag for the first time, have you prepared a cup of coffee and would you like to know how to store the coffee properly so that the next cup you prepare tastes just as good? Proper storage has its rules, which we will discuss in this article.

You may have heard that grinding coffee in advance is not the best idea. Firstly, because the coarseness of grinding may not correspond to the preparation that you will subsequently choose, and secondly, storing ground coffee is not entirely advantageous. We definitely recommend always grinding the coffee only directly to the number of portions you plan to prepare. Unused coffee beans are better stored, they do not lose their taste and they do not lose their coffee aroma compared to ground coffee. So let's see how best to store coffee beans.

Recommendations for storing coffee beans

  1. Buy a smaller package

You know, you buy a bigger pack of coffee and after a while you find out that the coffee prepared from it doesn't taste as good as in the beginning. The reason is simple. Coffee loses its taste and aroma over time, especially when stored poorly. The next time you order a new coffee, choose a smaller package so that the coffee is always fresh.

  1. Leave the coffee in the bag in which it arrived

You may be thinking that it is best to pour the purchased coffee into a glass container and leave it there and throw away the bag in which it arrived. We know from experience that this is how the vast majority of people do this, however, you are depriving yourself of a rich coffee aroma and taste. We will now tell you a secret - the bag in which our coffee was delivered meets the requirements for proper storage! It is therefore not necessary to provide additional containers for its storage, the bag alone will suffice.

  1. Do not leave coffee at the heat source

Storage near heat is also unsuitable for coffee. Therefore, it is better to keep it in a bag at a sufficient distance from the heat source. As a thank you, you can look forward to a good coffee every time you prepare it.

  1. Do not put coffee in the fridge or freezer!

Yes, we've heard that from our customers - that they store coffee in the fridge, or worse, in the freezer. So please don't like that. Even low temperatures do not contribute to coffee. So if you always want to enjoy a good cup, definitely don't put it here.

  1. Grind the quantity only for the given preparation

We mentioned in the introduction that grinding more coffee if you do not plan to consume it is not a sensible step, because at that moment the chances of preserving its aroma and taste are really low and we would almost dare say that ground coffee does not have sense to keep. Of course, the preferences of tastes are up to you, but in this case you lose a lot.

  1. Appropriate storage time

It is ideal to process the purchased coffee in about a week. So even here you see the advantage of buying a smaller package.

  1. Proper storage in the bag

Are you interested in the exact procedure for storing coffee beans in a bag so that you can be sure that none of the benefits are lost? So store the coffee in the bag in which it was delivered, expel the air, roll up the excess part of the bag and fasten the cream part - for example with our peg or any clip.

Another alternative is to store coffee beans in Mir coffee jars. MiiR Coffee Canister is a 350 ml container that is used to store coffee. The closed container protects the contents from the access of air, which allows you to preserve the taste of coffee for a long time. The advantage of the MiiR container is durability, elegance and ease of use. You can buy it on our e-shop.

We are glad that we were able to explain to you in the form of this article why proper storage of coffee is important, what benefits proper storage leads to and also how to store coffee correctly. Now your coffee will never lose its aroma and taste because it will be in good hands.