Jak správně připravit kávu v Moka konvičce?

How to properly prepare coffee in a Moka teapot?

Moka teapot or a great alternative coffee preparation suitable for home use. The Moka teapot can make you a coffee that tastes similar to your favorite espresso and is probably much better than cheap coffee machines (such as capsule ones). One standard cup of Moka teapot is approximately 50 ml and with the right preparation process you can really enjoy a very strong caffeine drink. Making coffee this way is not entirely difficult, but you still need to follow a certain procedure and a few basic conditions.

3 simple rules for making coffee using alternative methods

  1. Coffee beans should definitely be fresh. This is the only way to ensure the highest possible quality of the final drink. Coffee beans have a shorter shelf life than you might think. Since roasting, unground grains last only a few months and ground only a few hours. So choose quality grains, which also states the date of roasting, origin and other relevant information.
  2. Grain grinding roughness is also very crucial. We always recommend grinding the coffee just before its preparation (a quality home grinder is therefore not completely out of the question). To prepare coffee in the Moka teapot must be chosen medium grindingWe would compare the consistency to semolina sugar.
  3. Don't forget to use quality water. Ideally filtered. Even this can be reflected in the resulting taste. 

Coffee Source - Moka konvička

Making coffee in a moka teapot

It is a very quick affair and a very pleasant ritual, which many lovers of good coffee have fallen in love with. Z MYou will be able to serve coffee in 7 minutes and its taste, if you like strong coffee, will really surprise you. So how to prepare it?

You will need:

  • grinder
  • Coffee beans (ratios are unnecessary here, thanks to the ubiquitous lines in the teapot, but you can drive 15 g to about 160 ml of water).
  • Ideally filtered water
  • Hob
  • Moka teapot


  1. Unscrew your Moka teapot and pour water down to the bottom. It can be cold or warm, depending on your preference. If you use cold, the body of the coffee will be more pronounced and you will achieve a stronger taste. Warmer water ensures a softer taste. 
  2. Grind the coffee beans using a grinder. The roughness should match the consistency of the semolina sugar.
  3. Place the strainer on the water container and pour the coffee into it evenly to the brim. Do not stuff it, just straighten it by straightening it and clean the thread so that the grains do not get somewhere they do not have, so you could comfortably screw in the last upper part.
  4. After thorough assembly, place the teapot on the hotplate and heat over a medium flame. Better slower to avoid overburning. The coffee could then have unpleasant tastes.
  5. The boil evaporates the water, which in the form of steam travels up through the ground through the ground coffee. Listen to the bubbling and the moment this sound is very loud and it seems that most of the water has already turned into coffee, take the Moka teapot off the stove. Never let the water evaporate completely so that the resulting drink does not smell of burns. 

Coffee Source - Moka konvička

It's really simple. No complicated measuring, nothing like that. All you have to do is grind the grains correctly and watch over the water. So everyone can indulge in excellent coffee at home. And if you are not attracted to strong coffee similar to espresso, try a soft and fragrant filter.