Jak správně vyčistit kávomlýnek s mlecími kameny rychle a jednoduše?

How to properly clean a coffee grinder with grinding stones quickly and easily?

Coffee grinders need to be cleaned as consistently and regularly as coffee machines. The ground coffee beans can get into places where you wouldn't expect it at all. But it is not a science. Fortunately, coffee grinders are not nearly as difficult to maintain as some coffee machines. And why should you clean them anyway? Grinding is the basis for a delicious cup of coffee, and if you want to enjoy it regularly, the coffee grinder must be kept clean. In this article, we will show you in detail how to take care of your coffee grinders and keep them in good condition for as long as possible.

Why is it important to clean coffee grinders?

The coffee beans that the grinder grinds gradually settle in small parts not only in the grinding stones, but also clog the entire path they travel through the grinder. You need to think about that. Coffee also contains a lot of natural oils and they work constantly. If you don't maintain the grinder, these oily parts could go rancid. This process can subsequently affect the freshly ground mixture and spoil your cup of coffee. The more often you clean your device from these risks, the more delicious coffee you will be able to prepare. But don't worry, we don't mean the daily routine. We will help you in this process to find a system so that you are not fed up with it and you do not object to making coffee because of it. We divided these tasks into 3 parts.

Surface cleaning - 1x a week 

This is a basic procedure that you should include in your maintenance at least once a week, whether you use the grinder several times a day or not. The device becomes clogged with every grinding. 

Follow these steps:

  • degrease and wipe dry the grain container,
  • get the grease off the visible parts as well grinding stones,
  • finally, clean the outlet from which the ground coffee flows out.

For this procedure, it is always necessary to use a product that is harmless to health. The container for coffee beans can usually be easily unscrewed, but you can certainly also use an ordinary sponge or a clean cloth, which you can use to clean the surfaces locally. However, never forget to thoroughly dry the part in question so that moisture does not get into the grinder and thus you do not promote possible corrosion of the grinding stones. In this weekly ritual, you only need to brush them from visible dirt. As for the coffee outlet, don't be afraid to go deeper into the bowels of the coffee grinder. The more thoroughly you clean this part, the better. 

Thorough cleaning of grinding stones - once a month

Once a month, make a little extra time for your coffee grinder. He deserves it. You will already need this for this procedure a more professional cleaner, which cleans your device of dirt inside as well. 


Grind any remaining or possibly stuck coffee from the stones and fill the coffee container with the appropriate amount of preparation Urnex Grindz coffee grinder cleaner. Set the roughness to medium and gradually grind the entire contents of the cleaner. Then pour a smaller amount of coffee into the container and start the grinder again to remove the remaining product from the grinding stones. This process guarantees you a perfectly clean coffee grinder even where you can't see it. 

Cleansing bath and vacuuming of dirt - 1x every 3 months

Every quarter of a year, the coffee grinder needs to be disassembled and given a little more care. It may sound complicated, but the opposite is true. 

Follow these steps: 

  • unscrew the magazine and remove the grinding stones, 
  • soak them in hot water with a cleaning agent Urnex Cafiza
  • leave them in the bath for 30 minutes,
  • meanwhile, vacuum the inside of the coffee machine, 
  • dry the stones thoroughly,
  • return the grinder to its original state.

It might sound complicated, but believe me, it's not. Everything is very intuitive. But definitely pay attention to the thorough drying of the grinding stones. As we already wrote above, corrosion is really not a good thing to deal with.

These three cleaning stages must be carried out regularly. This is the only way to maintain the highest quality and delicious taste of your home coffee. 

If it seems too complicated, don't hesitate to contact us. We at Coffee Source will be happy to advise you.