Linea PB s integrovanými váhami

Linea PB with integrated scales

Finally! We have been waiting for this moment for 6 long years. Since 2012, when the scale under the head of the Strada EP coffee machine was experimentally mounted at Out Of The Box in Milan. As is customary with LM, he tries to test each new technology very honestly. The development of technology with the search for a supplier took a whole 5 years.

Already in the spring of 2015, everything was ready for series production, however, throughout the year, the scales in the coffee machine were tested in operation in very busy cafes, such as Go Get Em Tiger in Los Angeles, co-owned by US WBC champion Charles Babinsky. Based on observations from baristas, the firmware was reprogrammed to make it easier to operate and set up. It took half a year before the method of transporting scales with a coffee machine was devised, as it is a very sensitive device, prone to shocks. Just so you know what a holiday it was like for us when the postman rang before Christmas. Thanks to the annual pre-Christmas bustle, we were able to connect the coffee machine before New Year's Eve. There hasn't been much time for testing yet, but we have your first insights into the new technology.

So far, the only coffee machine with this technology, mass-produced, is LINEA PB AV. A coffee machine equipped with scales requires several modifications - therefore the scales can only be ordered for new coffee machines. We don't have any information about the possibility of mounting the scales to older models yet, however, according to a cursory examination, it looks like it will work. Important information for the current owners of Linea PB is the existence of compatible electronic boards in their coffee machines. Those with the latest firmware can already see menu items related to scales. The coffee machine must be equipped with high legs, another drip tray and another waste water collector. Scales accurate to 0.1 g are embedded in the drip tray directly under the coffee machine heads. The weighing surface is at the same time as the grate plane, so that the balance does not protrude in any way. There is a smiley-shaped cutout on the weighing surface, which is used to insert the lever during weighing. Otherwise, the coffee machine is completely identical to the regular version.

The coffee machine is equipped with the following portion metering options.

Manual - using the start / stop button, you can measure by eye or by weight and stop the extraction manually.

Automatic shutdown according to the flow meter- can be used as a classic automatic coffee machine, switches off when the programmed water volume is reached. It can be fine-tuned using the flow meter pulse adjustment function. You will probably find it difficult to use when you have the option of using the built-in scales, however, you will greatly appreciate in the event of a scale failure, when you do not have to interrupt your work and wait for the technician to arrive.

Automatic shut-off according to the weight of the coffee in the cup - the coffee machine switches off the extraction according to the set weight of the coffee in the cup. Very simple function, press the button to start the extraction, which ends automatically when the set weight is reached.

Automatic shutdown according to the "brewing ratio" - the most advanced functions of the coffee machine, thanks to it you will achieve an unprecedented consistency of shots. You set the required extraction ratio in the coffee machine, the coffee machine calculates the final weight of the espresso according to the weighed coffee in the lever and automatically switches off the dispensing when it is reached.

The coffee machine comes with two levers for a double portion, the single does not count and is not part of the delivery. The levers are marked with a new logo and have one peculiarity, they weigh the same with the basket, with a difference of max. 0.05. These are precision levers. These levers and baskets can be ordered additionally. If you "tare" the weight of the lever in the coffee machine, then it doesn't matter if you swap the levers. There is no need to tare the lever before making espresso.

Many variables can also be set in the coffee machine menu for other modes, such as fixed coffee portion, lever weight. Although these preset values speed up the work, they also reduce the accuracy of the work.

How does the Brewing Ratio function work?

1. Set your extraction ratio -   in the coffee machine menu you set the desired extraction ratio as desired. Do you want to stay with a regular espresso, for example 1:22? Or do you want a little more concentrated 1:19 or something like lungo 1:30? You can set two ratios for each head.

2. Cut the coffee into the lever

3. Press and hold the single shot button on the Linea PB

4. Place the coffee lever on the scale

5. The coffee machine shall weigh the weight of the coffee in the lever - the weight appears on the display.

6. Place the cup on the scale - the weight of the cup is automatically deducted

7. The coffee machine calculates the expected weight of the coffee - filters erroneous data such as knockout of puck into the knocker, vibration of the coffee machine and other "breaking".      

8. The coffee machine head automatically shuts off the extraction a few drops before reaching the calculated weight. Depending on the degree of roasting, the age of the coffee, the quality of the water, the climate, etc., the coffee still flows after the extraction has been switched off. This part of the extraction can of course be set.

Early shutdown settings

The delivery also includes a calibration weight of 100 g in a case, for calibration.

With the PB line, the barista gains a very useful tool, where high precision in portion measurements is added to traditional properties such as stable pressure and temperature, which leads to incredibly consistent results.