Nákup kávovarů La Marzocco na protiúčet: Vykoupíme váš starý kávovar

Purchase of La Marzocco coffee machines against account: We will buy your old coffee machine

This information is aimed primarily at lovers and owners of La Marzocco coffee machines. Especially for those who already have a close relationship with La Marzocco coffee machines and would like to raise the bar again. La Marzocco is a love brand used not only by famous cafes around the world. There is practically no coffee lover who does not know La Marzocco. And we are no exception. Therefore, we would like to keep this tradition as accessible as possible. As Coffee Source, we are official sellers of these coffee gems, so we know very well that traditional top-quality coffee machines, La Marzocco quality, do not cost a lot of money. So how about making a small change?

Replace the old coffee machine with a shiny new one

So if you already own any La Marzocco coffee machine, let's talk. It doesn't matter if you have a cafe or other catering business, or if you use it purely for personal domestic purposes. There is a buyout offer for everyone. We are very happy to meet the older versions of these unique coffee machines and exchange them for the newer ones, which is definitely an attractive offer.

How does it work? 

  • Offer us your current coffee machine. Send us photos of its condition, information about the installation location, as well as a photo of the production label. 
  • Our experts will value the coffee machine according to its condition. 
  • We will send you feedback together with a price offer as soon as possible. 
  • You will then choose a new coffee machine, which we will jointly finance using a counter account.

You can find directly on our website contact form, which is used to request the purchase of a coffee machine against a counter account. But you can also use it for securing repayments. This is another advantage we have for our customers. We provide the repayment schedule using the services of Essox, with whom we have rich and very positive experience. If you are also interested in buying a coffee machine on installments, just check the appropriate box in the last step in the contact form. Together, we will then negotiate everything directly.

And why do we do it? Because this is our vision of recycling. Even old and used things can get another chance. New life. In this way, we will save the planet and the finances of other consumers. 

Novelties that would adequately replace your older coffee machine

There are certainly a lot of them. For example, we really recommend it double-lever espresso machine La Marzocco NEW GB/5 with gravimetry. His elegance and delicacy they are absolutely desirable if we imagine any design and pleasant cafe environment. So if you strive for a perfect appearance and desire to be charmed at first sight, this coffee machine will be your blood type.

Our next tip falls on the absolutely atypical La Marzocco Leva coffee machine. His the essence is inspired by the past, but the timeless technology writes the future. With this device, you regulate the behavior of the water using squeezable levers that will delight every inventor and handyman. Be sure to watch the video below for a concrete idea product pages. We do not claim that this espresso machine is suitable for absolutely every operation, but it has its place mainly in busier businesses.

But you will have many more options to choose from in our e-shop. La Marzocco can adapt to your requirements. Two or three levers? Just choose and ask. Nothing is impossible. In fact, you can be loyal to one - La Marzocco Home are coffee machines designed mainly to households, but it can also be used in smaller businesses. They have one lever, but the same ambition. But we certainly don't have to describe that to you, experts. But you know it. So get in touch with us, we look forward to working with you.