Nové La Marzocco košíky do pák

New La Marzocco lever baskets

That's how we met. VST lever baskets are here. We already know from many sources that this works. Now it's up to us to verify that. By using these baskets we should have the espresso better extracted with a minimum of sediment in the cup and much more consistent shots. What more could a barista want? The baskets are designed for La Marzocco coffee machines, which have a basket diameter of 58 mm. Baskets will be available in about 14 days in our e-shop I look forward to your comments and experiences.





Following the launch of this news at the recent annual SCAA conference in Houston, La Marzocco announces the launch of new filter baskets in the levers.

  • Perfect accuracy
  • Consistent extraction
  • Sediment reduction in the cup
  • Better material
  • No defects
  • Patented digital scanning control
  • Marked with a code for quality and authenticity control

All common baskets had and still have a different quality (especially asymmetry and different size of holes and their distribution), which leads to inconsistency in the preparation of espresso cup by cup, including its systemic underextraction or overextraction. These phenomena can be observed slowly in all currently produced filter baskets.

The new baskets from La Marzocco, solve all these problems with its own production process with the "VST Filter Imaging System" to control the quality of basket production. Thanks to this system, it achieves perfect accuracy of +/- 1 micron. The result is less coffee grounds in the cup, a consistency in coffee preparation that you can enjoy. Each basket is provided with a unique code for quality control of production and is proof of authenticity.

Designed for extraction:

ristretto 13% TDS, 18-19% extraction yield

espresso 10% TDS, 19-20% extraction yield

Lungo 6.5% TDS, 20-21% extraction yield

TDS - Total Disolved Solids = Total Disolved Solids


Classic cart:

Notice the different sizes, layouts, and irregularities of the holes in the scanned filter basket image.


La Marzocco perfectly accurate basket:

note the same size, layout and

regularity of holes in the scanned image.

basket filter image. (the narrower the Bell curve, the better the filter!)