Připravte si podzimní nápoje i u vás doma

Prepare autumn drinks at home too

Autumn is the most colorful time of the year, during which we have a natural need to change our menu and enjoy themed drinks. Coffee and non-coffee. We see it all around. Our favorite coffee shops change their offer just like the trees change their leaves, and instead of summer iced lemonades and cold brew, new bestsellers come on the scene - hot chocolates, chai lattes and various other favorites. But you don't necessarily have to go to a cafe for this autumn pleasure. You can prepare all possible drinks at home. That's why we have prepared for you 3 recipes for popular autumn drinks, which will make cold autumn mornings or evenings more pleasant. For this you will need a coffee machine, ideally with a steam nozzle, but we also have an alternative to that, so that drinks can be prepared even by those who cannot whip up milk at home using a coffee machine. Let's go.

Chai Latte: A Hipster Cafe Phenomenon

Chai latte is a spiced drink based on black tea. It will offer you a very interesting taste that has been loved by hundreds of customers of hipster cafes. We bet you'll enjoy it too.

For one cup you will need: 
  • 15 g Royal Chai Latte
  • 30 ml of hot but not boiling water
  • 200 ml of milk (it can be both whole and oat milk)
Preparation process: 

Mix 15g of Royal Chai Latte mix with 30ml of hot water in your favorite cup. Whip the milk in a stainless steel kettle using the steam nozzle of the coffee machine and pour it into a cup with Chai Latte concentrate. And you're done!

Chai latte has a pleasant spicy, but at the same time very delicate taste, in which you can smell cinnamon, cloves, black tea, and at the same time enjoy the gently foamed milk, which also undoubtedly belongs to autumn. We believe you will like this drink.

Hot chocolate: For young and old

We all love her. We enjoyed hot chocolate mainly in childhood, when our mothers or grandmothers cooked it for us. And in the worst case, we went to buy it for a few crowns in the classic machines of the time, but it had nothing to do with honest chocolate. Do you remember that? Those were the times. But unfortunately, the older we get, the less hot chocolate and less. Therefore, come and enjoy autumn and prepare the best hot chocolate according to our recipe. 

For one cup you will need:

  • 2 teaspoons from the bag Madagascar hot chocolate
  • 200 ml of your favorite milk (can be full-fat or oat milk)
  • Whipped cream
Preparation process:

Pour milk into a stainless steel teapot and add the chocolate mixture. Slowly whisk in this combination using the steam nozzle of your coffee maker. It is necessary to proceed gently and carefully aerate the milk so that the chocolate mixes and begins to thicken. Be careful also about the temperature, with which you should not bring it to a boil, but only up to a maximum of 80 degrees Celsius. 

Once done, serve the chocolate in your favorite cup garnished with whipped cream. You can also add mini marshmallows if you fancy something more playful.

Matcha Green Tea Latte: Perfectly digestible caffeine without the coffee taste

Although matcha has been with us for several centuries, it has only experienced a massive rise in recent years. It comes from ancient Japan, where monks drank it during their studies and meditation. Matcha has really great effects on the human body. Contains caffeine, thus effectively stimulates energy and alertness. However, the caffeine from the matcha leaves is released gradually, and thanks to this, there are no energy fluctuations or caffeine shocks after consumption. Matcha at the same time it helps with concentration and has a positive effect on all our cognitive functions. It is therefore currently very popular among students during the exam period and people who need to work in concentration. Maybe it will become an ideal autumn warm-up for you too. And if you would like to know more about this green tea, read our article Matcha green tea: Health benefits and methods of preparation.

For one cup you will need:
  • 1 teaspoon (2 g) Royal Matcha Tea 
  • 150 ml of your favorite milk (we recommend coconut milk here)
  • The Chasen whisk makes it easy to mix matcha powder
  • 2 tablespoons of hot water (up to 80 degrees Celsius)
Preparation process:

Pour a teaspoon of Royal Matcha Tea into a cup and pour hot water over the powder, which, of course, should not be more than 80 degrees. Then work with a whisk until smooth. You should end up with a denser deep green texture. Now whip the milk to a fine microfoam and pour it over the matcha. You can also focus on latte art here, they draw very well in matcha. 

This way, your cup of matcha latte is ready and you can enjoy it in peace.

Why is it good to use a chasen whisk in a match?

Matcha tea contains many valuable antioxidants, thanks to which it has so many beneficial effects on the body. Antioxidants, however, do not tolerate metals. Touching matcha powder with an ordinary spoon or blender destroys most of these valuable substances. That is why bamboo is mainly used for the preparation of matcha. It is also very flexible and flexible, thanks to which you will be able to process the matcha powder exactly as needed.

How to whip milk without the steam nozzle of the coffee machine? 

It is clear to us that a professional coffee machine does not decorate everyone's home. If you are more inclined towards alternative methods of preparing coffee, or if you have a coffee machine without a nozzle, there are certainly options for whipping milk in this case as well. And it's not a science.

Always heat milk in the easiest way – on the stove. Mix well so that it does not stick and ideally monitor the temperature with a kitchen thermometer. Should be around 70 degrees Celsius. The milk should definitely not start to boil, so that all the valuable substances are not destroyed and then the coffee, chocolate or matcha is not damaged by its temperature.

And then how to create a fine foam? 

  1. Beat it with a hand whisk
  2. Or get a special milk whisk

If you don't insist on foam, you can also proceed with each recipe by heating the given mixture in a pot on the stove together with milk and pouring the drink completely created in this way into your favorite cup. However, frothed milk generally tastes much better. 

What kind of milk is ideal to use for autumn drinks?

As standard, we recommend cow's milk whole milk. It is best whipped. But we know that alternative drinks are becoming more and more popular, and not only among vegans. For autumn coffee drinks, such as hot chocolate or chai latte, we recommend using oat milk. It goes best with these spicy flavors and creating a foam on oat milk is also not difficult at all. However, you can also use soy if you like it. We would avoid coconut in this case, as it has a very distinct taste that could break the autumn atmosphere with a touch of exoticism. Coconut is more suitable for preparing matcha latte. 

If you have a lactose allergy, don't worry. Lactose-free milk will also do you a good service. It whips up very well and tastes almost identical to full fat. 

These were our tips for autumn drinks that will scent your whole apartment and create a pleasantly cozy atmosphere. And it is absolutely incredible in autumn. Save this article and come back to the recipes any time you don't feel like getting up from the warm blanket and going to the coffee shop for a special fall drink. With our products such as Royal Chai Latte, Royal Matcha Tea or hot chocolate from Madagascar, everyone can make all these drinks at home.