Příprava Aeropressu: Jak s jeho pomocí vytvořit výbornou kávu?

Preparation of the Aeropress: How to use it to make excellent coffee?

Do you like honest fresh coffee full of fruity flavors and would prefer not to feel the bitterness at all? If so, be sure to read on. You don't necessarily need to go to a cafe for that. You can make such coffee comfortably at home and without complications with the help of an aeropress. 

At first glance, the Aeropress does not look like a classic helper for preparing coffee, but the opposite is true. Aeropress coffee has a fuller body and a stronger taste. This alternative method of coffee preparation is very popular with experienced coffee connoisseurs who enjoy the subtler notes and have a desire to discover all the delicious flavors of the coffee beans. That is why the aeropress was developed. Alan Adler, the inventor of the aeropress, did not really like the bitterness of coffee and wanted to minimize it as much as possible, which, in our opinion, he succeeded perfectly. In addition, the price of the aeropress is very favorable, as well as its maintenance, so this alternative method of preparing coffee has become really popular.

Coffee Source - Aeropress

How to prepare an excellent Aeropress? 

Its preparation is easier than it might seem. The essence of the aeropress is based on the laws of physics, the truth of which, however, it reliably confirms. aeropress consists of two parts, namely a cylinder and a rubber piston, which fit together perfectly. During preparation, hot water is pressed by a piston through a round paper filter with ground coffee and flows directly into the cup. By the fact that the water is over-extracted through the coffee in a short period of time and also somewhat "forced" with the help of pressure, the unwanted bitterness is reduced and the fresh taste of the fruit stands out here.

What is needed to prepare an Aeropress?

  • 6 grams of quality coffee per 100 ml of water (so it depends on the size of your favorite cup)
  • Water with a temperature of around 93-95 degrees Celsius
  • Aeropress
  • grinder
  • Round paper filters 

How to do it?

  1. Place the paper filter in the aeropress on the strainer. Ideally, rinse it with hot water. This way, you will get rid of the risk of the coffee absorbing an unwanted paper smell.
  2. Prepare your favorite heated cup or container, in which you want to serve the resulting drink in case you are not preparing coffee only for yourself (heating the porcelain is useful for maintaining the required temperature of the resulting drink, which logically cools down immediately upon contact with a cold surface). 
  3. Grind fresh coffee beans to medium coarseness. Their freshness is very important and it is not good to neglect it. The older grains can have a noticeably different and somewhat unpleasant taste.
  4. Pour the ground dose of coffee into the aeropress and pour approximately half of the hot water in a circular motion (93-95 degrees Celsius). Allow 30 seconds to extract.
  5. Pour the hot water into the aeropress again in a circular motion and mix. Don't panic, the coffee can flow through the filter on its own already at this step. 
  6. Place the second part with the piston and press down slowly. Due to the resulting pressure, the water starts to get through the paper filter and form coffee. Be careful not to let the piston touch the water, the air space must be maintained.
  7. Once you have the entire content of the caffeinated drink in the cup, you can start enjoying it. Excellent coffee with delicious fruity notes and minimal bitterness awaits you. 

If you are interested in aeropress and would like to experiment with it, there is nothing stopping you. You can adjust the coffee grind exactly to your taste. The coarser the grind, the faster the extraction and the finer the resulting drink will be. So it depends only on you how strong you prefer your coffee. 

The preparation of the aeropress is really simple for the user, so you don't have to be afraid of its seemingly complex appearance. Plus, it's a speedster. You can prepare the coffee in a few minutes and then just rinse the aeropress, dry it and you're done. There is strength in simplicity.