Proč rozšířit nabídku o kvalitní čaje, horkou čokoládu a jiné horké nápoje bez kávy?

Why expand the offer to include quality teas, hot chocolate and other hot drinks without coffee?

Cafes mainly include quality coffee. No doubt about it, we fully agree. However, there are also many other non-coffee drinks on the market, which are also of considerable interest from customers. We mean the popular chai latte, quality hot chocolate and loose teas. These items are yours they definitely have a target audience and there are several reasons to include them in the drink menu.

100 people, even more flavors

Seeing your own customer helplessly looking at the drink menu is not pleasant. Yes, sometimes excessive expectations or indecision are stumbling blocks. But you can catch this very easily - offer coffee as well other decaffeinated drinks. There are really many people who do not like the bitterness of coffee and those who cannot drink caffeine for health reasons. But they also visit cafes, mainly to soak up the positive atmosphere, for rest or work duties. And they can be your regular customers. The quality of the other drinks on the menu should therefore be equal to the classic coffee ones. 

Another group is children. Choosing the right drink for a small visitor to enjoy can sometimes be difficult. Therefore, if you want to be a friendly place for families, it is appropriate to think about the little ones as well. 

Different occasions call for different treats

What comes to mind when you think of potato salad? Most immediately think of Christmas. And that's about it. Although there are those among us who, with a calm soul, order a doppio in the late afternoon (we do not claim that this is not our case), but teas belong more to the evening. It is an unwritten rule that protects the quality of our sleep. Likewise during the fall. Wrapping yourself in a blanket, enjoying the last days of the garden, admiring the fallen leaves and enjoying a selection of loose tea, this is the idyll that Czechs love. So give it to them. 

What drinks should we expand the offer to? 

Homemade lemonades are guaranteed to be the starter pack of a good cafe or other gastronomic establishment, the trends are already clearly established. But what about hot drinks? As we have already mentioned,  quality loose teas should definitely not be missed. It is the basis of. But there is also chai latte or chocolate. 

Chai latte 

It smells like Christmas, but it's a customer favorite all year round. You can also prepare for ice. This spicy drink is especially loved by the millennial generation, which often treats it to children as well. This is black tea with spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and others. This mixture is poured with foamed milk, which makes it a perfectly smooth and fragrant drink. 

Coffee Source - Chai Latte

Hot chocolate

Quality is very important here. Nobody wants their chocolate to be compared to the one in the cup from the old vending machines. So offer your customers the best hot chocolate they've ever had. Take them back to their childhood years and trigger a fireworks display of emotions in them. If you can do this, it's pretty clear that your coffee shop will be at the top of their imaginary list of favorite establishments. But you also score with children. Hot chocolate is usually their first choice when choosing. 

Coffee Source - Horká čokoláda

Loose teas

There is no tea like tea. Unfortunately. If you have been offering classic tea bags in your establishment until now, it may be time for a change. A change for the better. Loose teas are delicious completely different from the ones from the supermarket (and yes, even the loose ones can be portioned in bags) and it's really sad that they are offered in few places. So try to differentiate yourself from the competition and let your customers choose from a range of really high-quality selected teas. Believe me, they will be pleasantly surprised. 

Coffee Source - Čaje Teapigs

Satisfying customers with a wide range is your primary task. After that, all you have to do is ensure a smile on the faces of the employees, a pleasant and comfortable environment, and you've won. So go ahead and leave the supplies to us. We will be happy to take care of that, just contact us.