Profesionální technologie na splátky

Professional technology on installments

Investing in quality is important for several reasons: 

  • Quality products have a longer lifespan
  • Supporting honest producers who prefer quality over quantity makes sense already from the point of view of limiting the unethical mass production of any materials
  • With quality, you usually also buy the assurance of solid dealings in case of complaints, exchanges or other returns
  • 90% of a quality product is a life story and a long journey full of effort and diligence

There is probably no debate on this point. Quality does a lot. And this is especially true for coffee machines. After all, everyone wants a long device life, here we can easily talk about decades, and a perfect result in a favorite cup. There is no time for complaints. If it is a coffee machine intended for catering, it must work reliably and last. Of course, such devices are not cheap. That is why we offer the sale of professional La Marzocco coffee machines and other barista accessories in installments with friendly terms. We want to spread delicious coffee and we would like professional technology to be able to be afforded by every operator of a gastro business, whether it is a smaller cafe or a hotel.

How does the installment plan for coffee machines and other accessories work?

The entire financing for us is provided by the company Essox, with whom we have had a long-term pleasant and fair experience. The process is simple and quick. Approval of the repayment plan never takes more than 3 days. How to proceed? 

Start with the most pleasant thing - choosing and configuring the coffee machine. As soon as you are clear about how much money you will need to buy new professional technology, send us an inquiry through simple form on our e-shop. We will contact you after reviewing the order and ask you to send us the key information that Essox will need to approve the funding. This entire procedure will not exceed three days, we try to act really quickly and, above all, transparently. You will have an overview of every message and spent crown. You can also set the repayment period yourself. An installment plan can be obtained for up to 74 months with an average interest rate of 8.5%.

Once approved by Essox, we immediately get to work and do everything we can to ensure that you have your professional technology in full glory as soon as possible and can start making the most delicious coffee far and wide. Repayments are subsequently made as standard as you are used to.

How to choose the right coffee maker in a few steps?

To make the right choice, you first need to answer one important question: What will be the purpose of the new coffee machine? Will it have to endure excessively busy traffic, or will it serve in a less busy environment? Information that tells us how much space you have for the coffee machine is also important. Can you afford a three-lever, for example, or do you need to save space and it would be wiser to go for a more modest version of a single-lever coffee machine? These facts need to be known. Then you can dive into choosing your new La Marzocco partner. 

For highly frequented places, we can recommend, for example, a coffee machine La Marzocco KB90, which is directly created for speed and efficiency of work. This coffee machine was dedicated to technology that can save baristas not only effort, but also time, which is very necessary in busy traffic.

Well, if you have less space and you will not have such high demands on the coffee machine in terms of the number of espressos per day, the ideal choice for you will be single lever GS3. It doesn't take up more space than it really has to and is just as powerful, reliable and high-quality as other La Marzocco coffee machines, despite the fact that it was originally created for the La Marzocco Home collection. 

But the selection is much wider. We offer many La Marzocco coffee machines and, of course, many other equipment. We are therefore absolutely sure that everyone will find something for themselves here.