Vypínat kávovar na noc?

Turn off the coffee machine for the night?

But that's the question! Logically, one could answer that, of course, turn it off. When the coffee machine is switched off, it does not consume any energy. But this theory has its opponents, surprisingly, there are quite a few. I'd even guess it's 50 to 50 if you want a "fifty fifty". The second camp also has strong arguments. The coffee machine does not suffer so much from stretching and re-shrinking of metal parts and thus there are no leaks in the joints. The coffee machine consumes much more electricity when heated from a cold state than during a night 8-10 hour break when the coffee machine is running, but thanks to no operation, its consumption is negligible.

No one has been able to tell us whether his argument is supported by measurement. We decided to simply measure the consumption of a two-lever coffee machine in our showroom to bring some light into it.

We used a two-lever coffee machine of classic Promac design. the el. power consumption 3500W. The coffee machine was connected to a three-phase 380V supply via a standard "clock" electricity meter. The experiment started by measuring the power consumption. current when the coffee machine is heated from room temperature to operating. We measured the power consumption in 1 hour after switching on, which is enough time to thoroughly warm up all the components of the coffee machine. We simulated the night consumption by measuring the two-hour consumption of a heated coffee machine without any operator.

The results did not surprise us significantly, the coffee machine consumed 1.18 kW of electricity for an hour of heating from room temperature to operating. current. When simulating night switching on, an average of 0.415 kW per hour, if we multiply this value by 8 hours (night break) we get the number 3.32 kW. Thanks to this difference, it is quite clear that the argument of people who tell you that the coffee machine has absolutely negligible consumption during the night is misguided. At the same time, it is clear to us who know that the first coffee sold in the morning will cover the costs of operating the coffee machine during the night. We can only conclude from this. It doesn't matter if you turn off the coffee machine for the night from an economic point of view. From an ecological point of view, quite a lot of electricity can be saved. energy, completely wasted during the night when no one needs a coffee machine. So I leave the decision to you, how will you behave, I will continue to turn off the coffee machine for the night.