At the end of June, one of the largest selected coffee events took place in Dublin. The World Barista Championship and the World Barista Championship and the World Brewers Cup Championship also took place during the World of Coffee exhibition. Not everyone has had the opportunity to travel and experience these events first hand, so we bring you a piece of our knowledge and experiences.

La Marzocco
The latest post in La Marzocco: Strada AV, beautiful design and, in addition to the classic volumetric control for espresso preparation, perfect steam control, thanks to which you eliminate burns when working with the nozzle. Strada AV has "Touch Steam Wand" technology, which we literally tried on our own skin and the nozzle doesn't really heat up! You can control the intensity of the steam very precisely, and the whole surface is cool thanks to the double-walled material.
Link to Strada AV:

The main product of the Italian coffee grinder manufacturer was the Atom model, which we were also the first in the Czech Republic to present at the Standart festival. The grinder is designed in such a way that, thanks to the micrometric setting, it can be used not only as an espresso grinder, but also as a filter coffee grinder. The difference and the ability to set the grinding roughness in such a wide range can be described as revolutionary.
Grinding stones: Flat
Diameter: 60 mm
Material: Hardened steel
Colors: matt black, gray, white, metallic gray, chrome, emerald green
Power: 450 watts 1350 rpm
Approximate speed: espresso: 1.9-3.1 g / sec and filter 2.5-3.7 g / sec

World Cup
This year, Ondřej Hurtík represented the Czech Republic in the barista and Karolína categories. Ondřej finished with the same number of points 363.5 as his Slovak "colleague" in a respectable 39th place and Karolína Kumštová with 137 points in 24th place. Of interest was a couple representing a barista and a brewers cup from Brazil, who formed a married couple and competed with their own grown coffee from the south of Brazil, where coffee has not been grown until now!
Here are the results:
► World Barista Championship 2016:
1st Berg Wu, Taiwan
2nd place Yoshikazu Iwase, Japan
3rd place Ben Put, Canada
4th place Lem Butler, USA
5th place Charlotte Malaval, France
6th Place Lex Wenneker, Netherlands.
► World Brewers Cup Championship 2016:
1st Tetsu Kasuya, Japan
2nd Mikaela Wallgren, Finland
3rd Chad Wang, Taiwan
4th Benny Wong, Hong Kong
5th Todd Goldsworthy, USA
6th Odd-Steinar Tøllefsen, Norway

SCAE Awards
The Specialty Coffee Association of Europe announces awards in several different categories each year.
(1) Young businessman: Henry Wilson - The perfect grind. Founder and CEO of the coffee portal
(2) Sustainability Approach: Benjamin Weiner - Gold Mountain Coffee Growers. Owner of a company that connects farmers in Nicaragua with coffee bean buyers (direct trade). At Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, they use refractometers to measure sugar and bracelets in the shade of ripe cherries for easier and more accurate orientation for collectors. They also own their farms and bought a part of the rainforest larger than the size of their farm just to preserve it.!about/cdgp
(3) Innovation Award: Pete Southern - PUSH Tamper. Founder of Clock Espresso for its depth-adjustable tamper for the greatest consistency in tempo.
(4) Life Access Award: Edy Bieker - Sandlj. COO and quality manager in an Italian company trading in unroasted coffee beans. He transplanted the selection of coffee bean lots by extracting espresso instead of cupping.
(5) Coffee Education Award: Chiara Bergonzi. International juror and SCAE certified baris trainer from Italy.