Cenově dostupná baristická výbava

Affordable barista equipment

If you already have a quality lever coffee machine at home, you have made the biggest investment. But a little more is needed to comfortably prepare coffee. In addition to the coffee machine, however, you need to have a coffee grounds knocker, a tool to clean the lever from the grounds, a soft cloth to keep the steam nozzle clean, and last but not least, you also need to be able to whip milk. You can't do that without the right equipment either. Not a few, but believe me, all of them these things work together very synergistically and creates not only a pleasant home barista environment. You too makes a lot of work easier and thinking about alternative courses of action. In this article, we will show you everything you need, which should definitely not be missing from your barista equipment at home. 

Lattiera or stainless steel kettle, in which you whip the finest foam

If you want to prepare lattes or other coffee drinks with milk foam at home, you definitely cannot miss a lattiera. There are many Lattiers. There are a variety of professional pieces to choose from, but if you're a beginner barista, or you're not looking to become a home latte art master, you'll probably be fine kettle from the basic series. Their the prices are really nice and guaranteed to last you for years. You can choose from different sizes, mainly depending on how much milk you usually need to prepare at once. If you normally whip up milk foam just for your coffee, go for the smaller version. And if you prepare one latte or flat white after another at home, a large lattiera will be a safe bet.

Hand grinder for coffee beans

Let's be honest with ourselves. Large professional coffee grinders are not exactly cheap. It is therefore really nice to find a reliable and cheaper alternative. And we have it in stock right now. Hand grinder from the Basic series, which works in the same way as the professional one, based on ceramic grinding stones, can also prepare grains for extraction in a high-quality way and for a fraction of the price. It is stainless steel and you can grind up to 20 grams of coffee beans in it at once. In addition, it is essentially small, so it can be used even on the go. And don't forget that each type of preparation usually requires a different coarseness of grinding. You can find all the instructions in our article How to precisely grind coffee.

 French press for traveling or for entertaining more people more comfortably

French press belongs to alternative methods of coffee preparation. Its preparation is really simple, according to us practical guide anyone can really do it anywhere. You can take the French press with you on longer trips or just to the office. It's that simple. Its other advantages include volume. So again there are more sizes, but that the minimum is 300 ml, which is two cups. Using this alternative, you can prepare coffee for yourself and the person you are spending time with. For example, you can put a larger French press in the middle of the table during Sunday family breakfast so that everyone can enjoy coffee and you don't have to get up to the coffee machine. 

Barista scale or weigh twice, prepare once

Ratios are very important for preparing the best cup of coffee, and not only when dispensing coffee into the lever of the coffee machine. With the alternative methods mentioned above, you will need the scale just the same. The weight will keep your coffee consistent quality and its preparation will not take you an extra minute of time. This weight up to 3 kilograms from the basic series is available at a favorable price and even it also has a timer function, which you will appreciate, for example, when dripping. 

A tamping pad with a wide range of uses

But let's go back to the coffee machines. This tool may seem useless, but the opposite is true. When pushing coffee into the lever, you need to exert a lot of force, that's why it is necessary to deny the leverage by something. And that something would probably be a table that could soon be destroyed without this mat. This silicone tool it will protect the surface and you can also use it as a storage space afterwards.

Distributor for lovers of balanced coffee

Spreading the coffee correctly in the coffee machine lever is sometimes a struggle. Coffee distributor but he can deal with it quickly. You can do it in two moves create a perfect surface, which you just need to press. The distributor looks like a hockey puck and is made of steel. It works very well and again, it's not a disposable thing. It will last you years and its price is not exactly high.

Coffee grounds knocker

Order makes friends. If you follow this saying, the coffee maker will become your best friend and knocker will maintain your relationship. You can knock all the over-extracted sediment into it and then use it as fertilizer for indoor flowers or throw it away with the garbage, it's up to you. 

With this affordable but high-quality barista accessory from the Basic series, you will become a true barista, regardless of whether you prepare coffee in a cafe or at home. Take advantage of our favorable price offers and make yourself and your coffee machine happy.