Jak připravit skvělý French Press

How to prepare a great French Press

Alternative coffee brewing methods are no longer just a trend in good hipster cafes. They are moving closer to their consumers. Alternative methods are slowly but surely becoming popular coffee preparations in many households. Now we will show you the simplest. We will introduce you to the French Press.

If your home is still missing, it's time to take a look. It is the basic equipment for making great coffee, through which you can enjoy its taste in full force. Compared to the popular and most famous espresso, the taste profile stands out much better here, so you will finally feel chocolate or the often mentioned fruit tones from your coffee. Maybe this method will even teach you to drink coffee without the need for milk or sugar. You can order it at our site, or you can buy it at one of our branches, where we will be happy to advise you on your choice. 

The advantage of French Press is its incredibly simple and fast preparation. With this unpretentious helper, really everyone can prepare a great coffee at home. In addition, you do not have to buy any filters, which reduces the purchase price to a very pleasant amount. The advantages of French Press, as an alternative method of making coffee, are really many. We will now tell you the easiest way to a delicious coffee that you can try at home. All you need is a little.

What is needed to prepare the French Press?

  • 6 grams of quality coffee beans per 100 milliliters of water. You will therefore need 18 g of coffee for the 300 ml French Press
  • Water with a temperature of about 93-95 degrees Celsius
  • French Press
  • grinder

And that's all. There is no need for more and that is why the preparation is so simple. It's also good to have a barista weight at home to accurately measure grains for the right amount of water, but it's not necessary.

Preparation process

1. Grind fresh coffee beans roughly before use, it should be a roughness similar to granulated sugar, and pour the appropriate dose into the prepared French Press.

 Coffee Source - French Press

2. Pour coffee at a temperature of approximately 95 degrees Celsius into the middle of the container. Be careful, if it was completely hot, the grains could burn and you would not know the taste of the drink.

3. Stir the contents briefly to spread and use all the coffee and add water to the full.

Coffee Source - French Press

4. Do not stir now, flip the French Press through the sieve and wait 4 minutes.

5. Then slowly press the plunger on the top of the sieve. This will get the coffee completely to the bottom of the teapot and thanks to that you will be able to melt it comfortably, which will stop the sediment from leaching and excreting unwanted substances into the water, which could start to be released by too long contact with water. Do not apply too much force to the piston at the bottom, there is no need to squeeze the grains and get all the water out of them. For a pure coffee taste, you just need to press it lightly.

Coffee Source - French Press

6. Serve the prepared coffee from the teapot immediately and enjoy it as fresh as possible. Only then will it retain the right taste and will not be affected by the temperature drop.

    Coffee Source - French Press

    The next point no longer follows. This way you will be completely done. The preparation of the French Press will therefore take you only a few minutes, which you will certainly appreciate in many cases. And not just you. For example, family members or colleagues in the office can surprise him. This is also one big advantage - thanks to the French Press, you can prepare excellent coffee at the same time, either just for yourself or even for 5 people at once. It all depends on what water / coffee ratio you choose (and also how big your French Press is).

    Now all that remains is to enjoy the prepared coffee according to our instructions. If you are not as attracted to the French Press as drip coffee with a filter, read our article How to make a great drip at home, where you will learn more about the preparation of the purest coffee that exists.