Nejlepší kávomlýnek pro domácí použití: Precizní a stylový Comandante

The best coffee grinder for home use: the precise and stylish Comandante

If you want a really balanced espresso or good filtered coffee, the basis is freshly and properly ground quality coffee beans. You simply cannot make a compromise in this, not even in a domestic environment. Fortunately, you can have a perfect manual coffee grinder for a fraction of the price and thanks to it you can get ground coffee exactly the same as from professional automatic devices that you know from coffee shops, for example. Allow us to introduce you to the Comandante family business. Manufacturer of manual coffee bean grinders, which not only look absolutely gorgeous, but their reliable services allow you to prepare a truly delicious espresso at home. And not only there. Comandantes are also suitable for travelers and adventurers. There are no limits to their practicality and use.

The main advantages of the Comandante brand

Production of Comandante grinders has begun in 2013. Since then, it has held high positions in the world market. Their perfect designs, handmade grinder bodies, practical and ergonomic shapes and last but not least i flawless functionality. All this won the hearts of thousands of coffee lovers around the world. Thanks to Comandante coffee grinders, everyone can precisely grind coffee beans at home and at the same time fall in love with the fragrant ritual. Behind all this is a purposeful man who traveled to the end of the world for coffee - Bernd Brande. Bernd has been dedicated to coffee since 2005, when he opened his own coffee roaster not far from Munich. Comandante worked really hard and for a long time on the technology of the grinders. His goal was to create travel accessories with a breathtaking design so that coffee lovers can enjoy their cup absolutely everywhere. And he succeeded fantastically. We are therefore honored to be able to include these wonderful coffee grinders in our product range. You can choose from many designs and accessories in our e-shop. Everything is mostly in stock and ready for immediate dispatch - so you can have your dream grinder at home within two working days. However, we do not hide that there is always an enormous interest in these grinders!

Comandante hand grinders are produced in many colors. So you can choose exactly the one that will be closest to you. Will it be classic wood or do you prefer some colorful fad?

They are also included in each package two containers for ground coffee. One clear glass and the other polymer. You simply screw the container onto the lower part of the grinder and unscrew it again after grinding the grains. Thanks to the separate lid, you can also store the beans in them, for example, if you are going to nature, where you want to make a good drip coffee. However, we do not recommend storing ground coffee here for a long time. It may sound more practical, but it is definitely not good. It spoils very quickly and loses its quality. However, the grains will last much longer and the grinder is not particularly space-consuming. You can conveniently hide it in your backpack, and the grinding process will also pleasantly enrich your day. The coffee preparation ritual will thus remain intact.

How to adjust the coarseness of grinding on a grinder Commander

You may be thinking that manual coffee grinders cannot be as precise and accurate in the coarseness of the grind. But the opposite is true. Grinders Comandante have a completely accurate system that allows you to set grindstones exactly as needed. The new versions of the Comandante C40 MK4 are also improved in the area of the grinding system. They have sharper edges than stainless steel stones, and thanks to this, the result is even smoother and more even - you simply cannot get more perfectly ground coffee from an automatic machine. It is also more practical in terms of cleanliness. They also don't stay in the machine for long after grinding no coffee residue. This fact will save you a lot of effort, for example, when cleaning. By the way, you cannot avoid this with hand grinders either. Detailed instructions, which only takes a few minutes, can be found on our blog. 

The control element for the grinding stones can be found at the bottom of the grinder. You can find the exact settings there using rotating system and both filter coffee and espresso lovers will appreciate its roughness. You'll probably have to test the roughness at first, but believe me you'll get the hang of this setting quickly. The attached pictures and instructions in the package will also make it a lot easier for you. 

Advantages of Comandante hand grinders

As mentioned several times here – Comandante only manufactures manual coffee grinders. Don't be skeptical about it right away, because of this they have many advantages that you might miss with large automatic devices. You can't take it with you into nature. What are they like? 

  • Ritual contact between you and coffee. Thanks to manual grinding, you will perceive the coffee and subsequently enjoy it much more intensely. 
  • Compact and portable grinder size. Every trip to nature will be even more pleasant. You can take the Comandante grinder with you and grind fresh coffee, which you can enjoy with friends and a great view of nature.
  • Quality wooden construction with stainless steel accessories. If you like long-lasting quality, Comandante is definitely the brand to deliver.
  • Many color variants with the option to purchase a cover so that the body of the grinder is not damaged, for example, during travel or storage.
  • Really long life. Comandante grindstones do not suffer from wear and tear, and with proper care, they can be an investment for a lifetime. 
  • The price level is noticeably lower than that of electric automatic grinders.

How to care for the Comandante coffee grinder so that it remains beautiful and functional

Everything has to be taken care of if we want to maintain a certain quality of the given item or commodity. In that case, this also applies to these coffee bean grinders. But it's nothing complicated or time-consuming. Comandante also has many preparations in its product portfolio wood care, various fine horsehair brushes, cloths and other accessories to help immortalize and beautify your grinder. Therefore, you do not have to look for these conveniences anywhere else. The Comandante company does everything to make everything as simple as possible for you. So you can find the whole offer at e-shop

Creams that keep the wood vital need only be gently incorporated into its structure. The whole process is very easy thanks to the cloths and brushes. However, if you really want to, you can work the product in with your fingers. 

However, stainless steel parts also need to be taken care of. Comandante also equips you accordingly. Now Burr Care Fluid is intended directly for the care of grinding stones and stainless steel details of the grinder. Here, however, you have to be careful to apply the liquid only where it is needed. If it gets on the wooden parts, you could easily ruin the grinder.

Summary - Is the Comandante coffee grinder a worthwhile investment?

We can answer this immediately and unequivocally: absolutely yes. The price is directly proportional to the benefits and overall service that this quality helper in the body of a design accessory will bring you. So if you are looking for a hand grinder that you will be excited about not only at home, but also on the go, this is definitely the best investment. It will last you practically a lifetime, breathe an authentic coffee ritual into your life, make your whole home smell of fresh coffee and, last but not least, it will be a design triumph that you will not like to hide in any storage space.