Coffee Source servis pro GASTRO

Coffee Source service for GASTRO

Having a quality coffee machine with good coffee in your establishment is a must these days. But what to do if you don't know 100% how and according to what to choose a suitable coffee machine and then a suitable coffee? At Coffee Source, we are happy to help you choose!

Who is our coffee service intended for?

  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Caterings
  • Hotels

What benefits can we offer you?

  • We will select a suitable espresso coffee machine with sufficient capacity,
  • we will recommend coffee according to your preferences,
  • we train the operator and make the first settings, 
  • in the event of a coffee machine breakdown, we will provide service,
  • we will also ensure the preparation of filtered coffee - Moccamaster + Wilfa - the possibility of renting for 10 days for free, 
  • you can buy other hot drinks from us - hot chocolate, Chai Latte, teapigs.

Choosing a coffee machine with sufficient capacity

In the first step, you will receive a short questionnaire from us, thanks to which we will find out how busy it would be in your establishment there was a coffee machine. Accordingly, we will help you choose a reliable and high-quality coffee machine precisely tailored to your needs. Therefore, you don't have to worry about being forced to work with an impractical device that would disrupt the efficiency of your establishment.

Coffee delivery according to your preferences

We leave the choice of coffee beans up to you. However, we definitely don't want you to make a blind decision. We give you different types of coffee to try, and then you choose for yourself which coffee (or combination) is right for you. You will be able to choose, for example, between coffee beans from Africa or South America, different flavor profiles, roasting and processing methods. There are many factors that influence the final cup of coffee, and we want it to taste as good as possible. Of course, we will be happy to help you with your selection.

Training to work with the coffee machine is a matter of course

We won't let you swim in it. We will set up the coffee machine for you so that only the best coffee is produced for your guests and we will show you how to further control the new device. It certainly won't be anything complicated, but it's better to be clear from the start, we know that very well.

Repair of any malfunction

This does not happen very often. We select coffee machines really carefully to eliminate possible inconveniences. But it can happen and we are ready for it. We will repair the coffee machine for you as quickly as possible and during the repair period we can possibly lend you another coffee machine so that you can continue to function undisturbed and the unpleasant situation does not affect you in any way.

Do you prefer filtered coffee? Those are also among your options

There are also many alternative methods, thanks to which you will get a coffee that is much smoother and plays with many flavors. In the event that you would prefer these variants for your establishment (it could be a French Press, a Moka pot or perhaps a Pour over and others), we will be happy to provide you with these options as well. So it just depends on your preferences.

A wide range of other drinks

And it doesn't have to be just coffee. You can also pick up high-quality Teapigs teas from us at the establishment, our Coffee Source hot chocolate or, for example, Chai Latte, which is an excellent spiced drink of Indian origin. It is based on black tea and is drunk with whipped milk. It would be a shame to forget these other options. Our range of specialty coffees, other drinks and accessories is really wide, so we are absolutely sure that together we can achieve perfection even at your place of business.

If this is exactly what you currently need help with, don't hesitate and contact us. We will be happy to go over all the important details with you and choose the best and most advantageous devices. In addition, we will also provide you and your employees with the necessary training.