Udělejte si vlastní Cold Brew

Make your own Cold Brew

Summer is just around the corner, the temperatures are gradually rising and we are starting to think about effective refreshment. Classic hot coffee also has its place on sunny days, as there is no substitute for classic espresso, but our attention often shifts to the iced alternatives. In this article, we will therefore focus on the preparation of the popular Cold Brew coffee, which you will definitely love, and it does not matter whether you prefer strong coffee without milk or are more of a latte or cappuccino lover. There are many ways to use Cold Brew and we're going to show you how. 

Coffee Source - Cold Brew

What is cold brew? 

It is a cold-extracted coffee that never came into contact with hot water. The preparation of this drink takes considerably longer than with other methods (standard around 12 hours), which has a favorable effect on the taste that Cold Brew will offer you. Last but not least, it is also necessary to mention preserved nutrient content, which coffee beans would normally be proud of, but hot water usually destroys them. Coffee contains a large amount of antioxidants - substances that help the body fight free radicals, support immunity and also the natural production of collagen. Cold Brew has it all. Coffee is not only a morning ritual and an easy way to boost energy. 

How does Cold Brew taste? 

Here it matters a lot what grains you will use for preparation. Cold-extracted coffee is surprisingly really strong, that's why dilute with water for final consumption. But you can smell many flavors in it. But in general, Cold Brew stands out mainly with earthier and more chocolate tones, it is also exceptional in its fullness. The acidity here is just very subtle, rather zero. You can drink this caffeine extract on its own as an iced americano or add milk to create an iced latte. 

Coffee Source - Cold Brew

Preparation process:

The easiest preparation of Cold Brew is in the classic way Toddy Cold Brew system. Prepare 140 grams of coarsely ground coffee for one liter of water. 

  • Place a plug in the plastic top of the Toddy Cold Brew system so that the coffee can macerate peacefully. 
  • We rinse the round filter with water and put it in its place in the upper plastic part of the system. 
  • We put the filter in the form of a paper bag in a plastic container (similar to a bag in a trash can).
  • Coarsely grind the coffee beans. A little coarser than the French press and pour into the filter.
  • Pour the appropriate amount of cold water over the coffee, mix thoroughly so that all the beans are submerged and tie the entire filter.
  • Let the Toddy Cold Brew system stand for at least 8 hours. The coffee will macerate slowly in cold water. 
  • After the time has passed, place the plastic part on the glass container and remove the stopper. Cold Brew flows out and drips into a glass jar from which you can now serve. But don't forget to dilute the Cold Brew, it is very strong in this form.

What little things to watch out for?

  1. First of all, it should be mentioned that Cold Brew is really coffee that must not come into contact with hot or warm water. As it is extracted for a very long time, the grains need to be watered with water at room temperature, this is the only way to achieve the desired results. 
  2. As for grinding the coffee beans, it is necessary to maintain the appropriate coarseness. If you have a quality grinder at home, grind the grains so that they are in the result slightly coarser than u french press preparations. 
  3. The longer you let Cold Brew brew, the stronger it will be, but it will also suffer. It is therefore possible to win with the maceration time. Experiment with the time from 8 to 24 hours.

    In addition, you can also prepare Cold Brew for stock. If properly stored in the refrigerator, it will last for a week and you will be able to enjoy delicious ice refreshment every day without effort.