Výhody Cold Brew aneb proč je tolik oblíbené?

Advantages of Cold Brew or why is it so popular?

Drip coffee has been booming lately. You can find it in various forms in every good cafe and it is becoming more and more popular. And what about the cold macerated version? Coffee that has never been in contact with hot water? Do you know her name? It's Cold Brew. You won't see it as often as, for example, a classic filter, but if they already have Cold Brew somewhere, it's definitely sold. What are its benefits and why should you definitely try it? We will pass all this information to you now.

What is Cold Brew and how is it prepared? 

The preparation of Cold Brew is much different than other filter coffees. It is macerated cold, and that is what it demands special equipment and lots of time. Even up to several hours. The coffee beans are coarsely ground and poured into a paper filter that has the shape of a bag. The knotted filter is placed in a container called a Toddy and filled with the appropriate portion of water. Then you just wait. The maceration can easily last up to 24 hours. But at least 12 hours. It is necessary for the coffee beans to be properly brewed and to leave in the water what we need from it - perfectly mild coffee taste, fragrant aroma a deep dark color. After maceration, Cold Brew must still be diluted. It's a really strong concentrate. Its strength is greatly influenced by the length of preparation. That's why the Cold Brew, which the baristas pull all day and night, is really distinctive and its taste is absolutely unforgettable. You can find out the entire detailed procedure in our article Make your own cold brew

Coffee Source - Cold Brew

Cold coffee extraction is inspired by the preparation of tea in ancient Japan

Many of us have it ingrained – coffee is simply prepared using hot water. And yes, this type of preparation is undoubtedly the most widespread and, above all, really the simplest, but it is not the only one. In ancient Japan, even before the year 1600, they prepared tea from cold river water. They soaked the tea leaves and let them extract. Over time, baristas also decided to try this procedure. Coffee beans do not need a touch of hot water to get the most out of them. Today's Cold Brew is the perfect proof. We now prepare Cold Brew mainly using the Toddy system, which is a special container for cold extraction of coffee. Todd Simpson came up with it in the sixties. He was inspired by his travels in Peru, where he tasted excellent and cold brewed coffee. But they heated it there before serving it.

Toddy brew system

Nowadays, this invention is available to everyone. Its price is basically favorable and the method of use is simple. Thanks to this, everyone can make cold coffee. You too at home. We have even written for you brief but absolutely clear instructions, according to which you will be sure even on the first try. Thanks to that, it will summer refreshment significantly more pleasant and, above all, tastier. Just imagine the relaxation by the water - iced coffee in hand, sounds of nature in the background. That's what summer is all about, so enjoy it to the fullest. 

How does Cold Brew taste?

The main advantage of Cold Brew coffee is its mild taste and low acidity. The long extraction of the coffee in cold water allows it to relax into it less bitter and acidic substances from coffee beans, resulting in a less intense and more balanced profile. Cold brew coffee often has a fuller body but a less bitter finish, making it popular with people who prefer milder, earthier coffee flavors. Lower acidity is the biggest advantage of Cold Brew, and at the same time, this benefit is also the reason why cold-extracted coffee attracts more and more coffee lovers. 

Long shelf life

Cold Brew can't be made completely small. In order for the coffee to be truly honest, it needs to be prepared more. But that doesn't matter at all. Fortunately, it has a long shelf life. After cooling, classic coffee is inedible and loses all its taste benefits. Cold Brew excels at this. When properly stored in the refrigerator you will last a week. So you can prepare more coffee extract and then just draw carelessly from the stock. However, care must be taken when storing. You must close the container thoroughly so that no odors and uninvited crumbs or other pieces of food stored in the refrigerator get into the drink. Those could do some serious mischief at Cold Brew. 

Flexible use

Whether you are a lover of lattes, strong black coffee or more delicate coffee drinks, you will get along with Cold Brew. You can conjure up absolutely anything from it. Black iced coffee, iced latte, iced flat white or make an alternative espresso martini from it. And you also determine its strength yourself. Logically, the more you dilute the macerated coffee, the finer and weaker it will be. It's all up to you. Cold Brew is simply for everyone. But the bottom line is that once you try it, Cold Brew will become yours almost immediately mandatory summer equipment. And not only you will love him. Believe that everyone who tastes it will share these feelings with you. 

The coffee will retain all of its antioxidant and vitamin content

Since coffee beans are a fruit, they contain many beneficial substances, especially antioxidants. And despite the fact that classically prepared coffee never comes into contact with completely hot water (at least it definitely shouldn't), a significant part of these beneficial substances is often destroyed. Cold Brew does not do such damage. Cold water is extremely gentle and all the positives and benefits of coffee will remain. It can therefore be argued that Cold Brew is a little healthier than, for example, ordinary espresso or other drip coffee.

So what are the primary benefits of cold brew coffee? 

With normal consumption, it can be said that it is mainly about the taste. The taste is, as we have already mentioned, very delicate, with low acidity and earthy tones. But Cold Brew brings many more benefits. What are they like? 

  • Prepared Cold Brew stays fresh for a week in the fridge.
  • Its stock will save you time in the days to come. You will be able to simply pour your coffee within a second. 
  • Thanks to cold preparation, coffee will not lose antioxidants or other body-enriching components. 
  • Cold Brew is extremely flexible. You can prepare various coffee drinks from it in a few minutes. Whether you're a latte, black coffee or iced flat whip lover. If you like to experiment, you can try an alternative espresso martini.

If you haven't tried cold macerated coffee yet, definitely don't hesitate. It is a unique drink that absolutely everyone will like. Therefore, find the nearest cafe that has it on the menu and try it. You will see that then the Toddy brew system will be at the top of your wish list. And if that's really the case, take a look at our e-shop. Here you will find all the equipment you will need to prepare it. From the brewing container itself to the best selection of coffee and the advice you'll need to get started. And if you don't want to prepare Cold Brew, you can find it in our menu already prepared, or i undiluted concentrate, from which you can prepare Cold Brew or another drink according to your taste.