Začněte s alternativními metodami

Start with alternative methods

Excellent coffee does not necessarily come from an expensive coffee machine. On the contrary, the classic preparation of espresso often bury the vast majority of aromas and unique tones that quality coffee beans offers. If you want to treat all these benefits to your taste buds, you will certainly enjoy alternative methods of making coffee. No coffee machine will ever offer you such a variety. With each individual method, you will get a completely different experience from a cup of coffee. In this article, we will introduce you to all types of alternative methods, thanks to which you can prepare perfectly fine coffee full of flavor and aroma from the comfort of home. So if you are not a fan of latte, cappuccino or other milk drinks, you can easily forget about the coffee machine. Among other things, all the kits for alternative methods of coffee preparation, which we will introduce to you below, are also very suitable as a gift. 

French press 

Let's start with the simplest and most well-known variant. Everyone who is close to a classic Turk should have a French Press at home. This preparation is much better and tastier. Believe that even the most stubborn lover of Turkish coffee, the French press, will be very pleasantly surprised. In addition, the preparation procedure is really simple and does not require anything special. And FrenchBoxu You will find everything important - even a hand-held coffee bean grinder. If you decide for this variant, be sure to read it our instructions, how to make a great french press.

Coffee Source - Frenchbox

Moka teapot

If you prefer a smaller strong coffee, the mocha teapot will be the ideal solution for you. Its preparation is simple, the whole procedure in addition, we explain on our blog, so you don't have to worry about failing. The huge advantage of this method is mainly that it is not necessary to worry about complicated conditions. Moka teapots have lines everywhere, which makes the job even easier. The power of the resulting drink is compared to espresso, but don't worry, the volume of aromas and various flavors with the mocha teapot remains. MokaBox, as FrenchBox, contains everything you will need to prepare. 

Coffee Source - Mokabox


This very unique and a bit more complicated alternative drips the resulting coffee directly into the cup, so it is a very favorable method if you only need one cup. The resulting drink excels in its freshness, earthy tones are almost miraculously lost. Aeropress can be prepared in two ways. However, both consist of a piston that pressurizes the coffee to filter. If you opt for Aeropress, detailed instructions for its use can be found in the video, where we clearly explain the whole procedure. And you don't have to worry about the equipment either, AeroBox will give you everything from A to Z.

Coffee Source - Aerobox

Hario V60

Last but not least, you can also prepare coffee using a drip. Drip coffee thanks DripBoxu quite possibly it will become your favorite ritual. This alternative method reveals an almost complete taste profile, which is why it is very often used for the initial tasting of new coffee beans before they are placed on the market. The resulting drip coffee from the V60 is mainly very clean and without residual sediment, which you will meet at the French Press, for example. It will probably be appreciated by everyone who wants to make the most of the coffee preparation process and discover all the delicious tastes of quality coffee beans.

Coffee Source - Dripbox

What can you find in gift boxes from Coffee Source?

Choose between the above methods and have everything you need for the preparation delivered. In addition to the main necessities, our gift sets also include a tin can, a hand grinder, high-quality coffee beans of the current selection, a coffee scoop and also coffee tree seeds. In the case of filtered methods (Aeropress and V60), you will also find baristic paper filters in the package. Simply everything that will suddenly make you a full-fledged domestic barista.