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AeroPress GO
AeroPress GO
AeroPress GO
AeroPress GO
AeroPress GO
AeroPress GO
AeroPress GO
AeroPress GO

AeroPress GO

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AeroPress is a device for preparing coffee or filtering liquids in general. It was developed in 2005 by the president of the company Aerobie by Alan Adler. After 10 to 60 seconds of extraction (depending on the strength of the coffee we want to achieve), the coffee stirred in hot water is forced through a paper or metal sieve. For preparation in the AeroPress, a medium coarseness of coffee grinding is used. The device consists of 2 plastic cylinders. One is topped with a rubber plunger that fits snugly into the larger cylinder and can create pressure in it much like a syringe.

AeroPress Go - compact travel version 

  • AeroPress Go: 12 cm x 9 cm x 9 cm
  • AeroPress Go with the whole set enclosed in a cup with a lid: 14 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm

The set includes:

Aeropress, 350 paper filters, coffee stirrer, coffee measuring cup, filter holder (for 20 filters), cup and lid.

The perfect gift for coffee lovers who love to travel!

Description of preparation:

Depending on the position of the AeroPress during preparation, we distinguish between traditional and inverted (inverted) coffee preparation methods. Both start by washing the paper filter with hot water to wash away the paper taste. The temperature of the water for preparing coffee is very variable and varies between 75-95°C Place the traditional AeroPress with the filter down on the mug. Pour coffee onto the filter, cover with hot water and stir. Due to the force of gravity, the coffee will immediately begin to filter and drip into the mug. By inserting the piston and applying pressure, we achieve additional filtration under greater pressure. Inverted In the inverted method, we insert the piston into a larger cylinder and pour coffee onto it. Pour hot water over it, stir and let it extract according to your preferred coffee strength. Then we screw the device with the filter, turn it and immediately press the piston against the filter. This method has the advantage that the coffee essences float to the surface and with this method a significant part of them is pushed through the filter first. In the traditional method, they are finally forced through a filter and accumulated coffee grounds.

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