LM Advanced lever basket without certificate
LM Advanced lever basket without certificate
LM Advanced lever basket without certificate

LM Advanced lever basket without certificate

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Revolutionary technology for making baskets for La Marzocco coffee machines. Thanks to the new basket production technology, you will achieve an excellent consistency in the preparation of espresso. This basket has an exact diameter of 57.7mm (58mm) and is for 7, 14, 17 or 21g of coffee, this product does not have a certificate, but it is a precise basket, the same as STRADA, but without 100% control. Designed for extraction under 9 BAR pressure.

Product description:

All common baskets had and have varied quality (especially asymmetry and different sizes of holes and their distribution), which leads to inconsistency in the preparation of espresso cup by cup, including its systematic under-extraction or over-extraction. These phenomena can be observed slowly in all currently produced filter baskets.

The new baskets from La Marzocco solve all these problems with their own production process with the "VST Filter Imaging system" to control the quality of basket production. Thanks to this system, it achieves a perfect accuracy of +/- 1 micron. The result is less coffee grounds in the cup, a consistency in coffee preparation that you can enjoy. Each basket is provided with a unique code to control the quality of production and is proof of authenticity.

Designed for extraction:
ristretto13% TDS, 18-19% extraction yield
espresso 10% TDS, 19-20% extraction yield
Lungo 6.5% TDS, 20-21% extraction yield

TDS – Total Dissolved Solids = Total amount of dissolved substances

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