BWT Protector Mini C/R ½“ 30 mic.

BWT Protector Mini C/R ½“ 30 mic.

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The Protector Mini backwash filter is designed to filter out mechanical impurities from drinking and utility water. It protects the water pipe and the fittings and equipment installed on it from malfunctions and corrosion caused by foreign particles, e.g. pieces of rust, sawdust or sand, etc. The filter is not suitable for oils, fats, solvents, soaps and other media with a tendency to smear. It is also not intended for the separation of water-soluble substances.

Protector Mini C/R A protective filter with a brass head and a plastic transparent body designed to remove mechanical impurities from drinking and utility water, the Protector Mini C/R model is designed for cold water filtration. We recommend when installing coffee machines to protect all filter cartridges from clogging of coarse dirt. This pre-filter can only be rinsed with water and reused.

Package contents:

• Brass head with pressure gauge and connection with external and internal thread
• Brass/transparent plastic bottom
• Stainless filter insert
• 2 connecting fittings
• Dump valve

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