Chemex - Glass handle
Chemex - Glass handle
Chemex - Glass handle
Chemex - Glass handle

Chemex - Glass handle

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CHEMEX enables all chemically correct methods for preparing coffee. It has an hourglass shape, a flask made entirely of glass, a chemically inert material that does not absorb odors.

Pour enough hot water over the paper coffee filter to minimize the unwanted taste
of paper that could be released from the filter into the drink being prepared. Pour the ground coffee into
filter, pour the amount of water according to the required volume and perform a 30-second pre-infusion of coffee. After
after 30 seconds, top up the coffee according to the required volume in a circular motion from the outer edge of the filter
towards the center. Total extraction time is 4 min.

Dosage and proportions:
65g of coffee           1.0L - 970g of water
33g of coffee            0.5L - 485g of water
18g of coffee             0.25L – 242g of water

The CHEMEX coffee maker has no moving parts and will work forever unless dropped or otherwise destroyed. CHEMEX filters are made of the highest quality paper. Please note: All coffee makers are measured using 5 oz. like 1 cup. 

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