Colombia Funky Sidra
Colombia Funky Sidra
Colombia Funky Sidra
Colombia Funky Sidra
Colombia Funky Sidra
Colombia Funky Sidra
Colombia Funky Sidra
Colombia Funky Sidra

Colombia Funky Sidra

Elderflower, lemongrass, anise
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Region: Huila
Farmer: Wilder Lazo
Producers: Coffee Graders SAS
Farm: El Rubi
Altitude: 1650 - 1900 m above sea level
Variety: Bourbon Cider
Processing: Washed with double fermentation
Acidity: Medium
Flavor profile: Elderflower, lemongrass, anise
Cupping score: 88.75



Bourbon Sidra coffee is grown on the El Rubi farm in the Huila region of Colombia. Farmer Wilder Lazo carefully cultivates coffee trees at an altitude of 1,600 to 1,800 meters above sea level. Coffee trees are planted on sandy soil and most of them grow in the shade of various types of trees. Ecologically friendly fertilizing techniques are used for cultivation.

VARIETY Bourbon Cider

The Bourbon Sidra variety is a unique and exotic coffee variety with a complex and rich flavor profile. The origin of this variety is not entirely clear, but it is known to be grown in Colombia and genetic testing indicates that it is related to the Heirloom variety from Ethiopia. The fruits of the Bourbon Sidra coffee tree are small, round berries with a pleasant sweet taste. This variety is valued for its excellent quality characteristics and ability to provide a wide range of flavor nuances, including fruit, flowers and citrus. Bourbon Sidra coffee trees are medium-tall trees with glossy leaves and a compact crown. They have regular fertility and are usually harvested once or twice a year.


Bourbon Sidra coffee is processed using double anaerobic fermentation. Cherries ferment for 60 hours, then peel and ferment with a layer of mucilage for 100 hours. Only then is the coffee fully washed in water and dried on African beds. This special processing process contributes to the rich and complex flavor profile of this coffee.

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