Colombia Tolima Planadas Promytá
Colombia Tolima Planadas Promytá
Colombia Tolima Planadas Promytá
Colombia Tolima Planadas Promytá
Colombia Tolima Planadas Promytá
Colombia Tolima Planadas Promytá

Colombia Tolima Planadas Promytá

pink grapefruit, milk chocolate, cherries
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Region: Tolima
Farm (farmer): Small producers
Altitude: 1600 - 1750 m a.s.l.
Variety: Tabi, Castillo, Caturra
Processing: Washed
Acidity: Medium
Taste profile: pink grapefruit, milk chocolate, cherries
Recommended preparation: Filtered coffee


Colombia is one of the largest producers of Arabica coffee trees in the world, over the years
the country has become synonymous with quality coffee. Colombia carefully develops its coffee
industry. The spirit of innovation is strong - new varieties of coffee and innovations in processing are coming
from Colombia. Most of the country's coffee comes from small producers scattered in
many coffee growing regions. These coffee farmers in the countryside in
Colombia has experienced decades of low-intensity political conflict between paramilitaries
groups, guerrillas and the government, although a peace deal approved in 2016 did
big steps towards peace and the reconciliation process. The lot you can taste was
grown by about 60 producers who live in the picturesque towns of Thessaly and Teruel.



The Tabi variety is a hybrid variety of coffee that was created by crossing the Typica, Bourbon and
Timor. Its original development took place in Brazil. Tabi is known for its excellent durability
against diseases, which makes it attractive for cultivation. The character of coffee from Tabi can be
more varied and include different nuances thanks to a combination of genetic influences.


Castillo is a hybrid coffee variety bred in Colombia in response to a need
more resistant varieties to fungal diseases, especially coffee rot. Castillo
emphasizes a balanced flavor profile with milder acidity. It tends to provide full
body and shades of nuts and chocolate can be found in the taste. It is a popular variety in Colombia
and becomes part of many Colombian coffees.


The Caturra variety is a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety and was first discovered in
Brazil. Today it is widespread in many coffee growing regions of the world. Caturra
it is known for its compact bush size, which makes it easy to harvest. It has a more pronounced
more lively flavor than its Bourbon predecessor, with bright acidity and fruity notes
floral tones. It is considered a variety with good quality of taste.

Cultivation & processing

The department of Huila borders Tolima and is the most productive region in the country. Huila
boasts a chain of volcanoes, especially the Nevado de Huila, which has historically enriched the soil
region, creating ideal conditions for growing coffee. Huila has its own
designation of origin and produces coffees renowned for their bright acidity, balanced body
and rich sweetness. These coffee beans were processed using the washed method.

Recommended preparation

Recommended for hand brew preparation. 

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