BWT Bestprotect XL cartridge
BWT Bestprotect XL cartridge

BWT Bestprotect XL cartridge

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Product details

BWT bestprotect is a filtering solution for water with special properties. It not only prevents the formation of lime and plaster, but also ensures a permanently high pH value.

BWT bestprotect thus protects the machine's valuable technology from deposits and prevents corrosion problems on stainless steel parts. In addition, this filtration system delivers water of high sensory quality for the production of high-quality hot drinks.

Technical advantages of the BWT bestprotect system in a nutshell:
Capacity - 3590 liters of water at a total hardness of 10°TH
5-stage filtration
Reliable protection of the machine against limestone and gypsum deposits
It maintains a high pH value and thus minimizes the risk of corrosion
Optimizing the sensory properties of water thanks to filtration through activated carbon
Easy maintenance and filter replacement

(1) Connection options with the BWT besthead FLEX universal connection head

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