Course home espresso barista

Course home espresso barista

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Who is the course intended for?

The course is intended for home baristas who prepare coffee at home on their own coffee machine, but feel that they need to take their coffee preparation skills to a higher level. We will give you a lot of tips for more efficient espresso preparation at home and teach you how to whip milk so that you can enchant your visit with a cappuccino like from a cafe. 

The home barista espresso course is also suitable for complete beginners who are perhaps just thinking about buying a coffee machine. We will be happy to help you choose technology directly for your home. 

Do you work in an office and have a coffee machine that pours out what others call coffee, but you don't like it much? The course is also suitable for you, come to us and we will make you a barista so that they understand at work that it is time for a change. 

What awaits you in the course

We'll start with the theory, because it wouldn't be possible without it, we'll tell you the basics, from growing coffee to roasting it. You will learn a lot of new terms that are important to know, we will explain how to properly prepare espresso and the milk drinks that come from it. Well, in the second half of the course you will get behind the coffee machine and put everything into practice, because practice makes perfect. 

Course in points

  • Growing - harvesting - processing - roasting - storing coffee,
  • selective vs. commodity coffee,
  • basic barista terms,
  • modern espresso - theory, 
  • milk whipping - micro foam, latte art,
  • practical part.


No date suitable for me?

Has it happened to you that you do not agree with the dates we offer? Or are you planning training for more interested parties? Contact Miss Adéla Kupčíková and we believe that together you will find a more suitable date.

Where does the course take place?

The courses are held at: Štěrboholská 560/73, Prague 10, Coffee Source.

How long does the course last?

The course lasts 3 hours. 

How many people is the course intended for?

The course is suitable for 2 to 3 interested parties. 


You will have the opportunity to work with La Marzocco coffee machines, Eureka and La Marzocco grinders.


If you have your own home coffee maker at home, feel free to take it with you, as well as a coffee grinder. 

What kind of coffee will we taste on the course?

Coffee from our Coffee Source roaster.

A trainer?

Adéla Kupčíková

Pražení v pražírně Coffee Source


We have been roasting selected coffee from all over the world for you every day for more than 15 years.


Coffee Source builds on the tradition of repeatedly delivering to our customers the best selection of coffee with a clear origin, a breathtaking aroma and a distinctive taste.

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