Course professional barista espresso

Course professional barista espresso

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Who is the course intended for?

The course is designed for future baristas who are going to work in a coffee shop or anyone who wants to take their coffee skills to the next level. 

What awaits you in the course

During the morning, you will get basic information about the journey of the coffee bean from the plantation to your cup. We will do a joint cupping of the coffees that we currently have on offer and we will delve a little into the sensory so that you will be able to describe the taste that you feel. After the lunch break, we will start with the theory of preparing espresso and the drinks based on it. In the last part of the day, you rush to the coffee machines and put the whole day's theory into practice. 

At the end of the day, you should be able to make a flavor-balanced espresso and a great micro-foam for latte art.

Course in points

  • Growing - harvesting - processing - roasting - storage

  • basic concepts,

  • a tour of our roastery,

  • cupping - sensorics,

  • lunch break,

  • modern espresso - micro shape - latte art,

  • work flow for at least,

  • working with a grinder and a scale - preparing an espresso drink,

  • milk whipping - latte art,

  • daily cleaning technology.


No date suitable for me?

Has it happened to you that you do not agree with the dates we offer? Or are you planning training for more interested parties? Contact Miss Adéla Kupčíková and we believe that together you will find a more suitable date.

Where does the course take place?

The courses are held at: Štěrboholská 560/73, Prague 10, Coffee Source.

How long does the course last?

The course will last 7 hours (of which 1 hour will be a lunch break).

How many people is the course intended for?

The maximum capacity of one course is 6 people. A minimum of 3 interested parties must be registered for the course to take place. 


You will work with La Marzocco brand coffee machines, Eureka and La Marzocco grinders.

What kind of coffee will we taste on the course?

Coffee from our Coffee Source roaster.

A trainer?

Adéla Kupčíková

Pražení v pražírně Coffee Source


We have been roasting selected coffee from all over the world for you every day for more than 15 years.


Coffee Source builds on the tradition of repeatedly delivering to our customers the best selection of coffee with a clear origin, a breathtaking aroma and a distinctive taste.

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