Eureka Atom Specialty 65mm
Eureka Atom Specialty 65mm
Eureka Atom Specialty 65mm
Eureka Atom Specialty 65mm
Eureka Atom Specialty 65mm
Eureka Atom Specialty 65mm

Eureka Atom Specialty 65mm

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The super-quiet and powerful Eureka Atom Specialty 65 coffee grinder, grinds one serving, two servings, or continuously.
Precise electronic dosing based on the principle of measuring grinding time.
Simple, intuitive portion settings.
Stone diameter 65mm

Stone rotation 1310 rpm.
Grinding capacity 1.5-2.5 g / s espresso
Grinding power 2.7-3.7 g / s drip
Suitable for operation with a capacity of up to 2 kg per day.

Product description:

The Atom coffee grinder belongs to the group of so-called "fresh grinders". This means that they grind and portion coffee directly into the lever of the coffee machine.

Let's choose one or two servings of your choice. They are equipped with precise micrometric roughness adjustment, allowing the barista to make optimal settings. Then it can be left in the coffee grinder without having to hold it.

The stand can be adjusted according to your lever, as well as the mouth of the ground coffee channel is height-adjustable.

This coffee grinder is also equipped with a ground coffee tray if you need to grind coffee for alternative preparations. As with most similar coffee grinders, portioning is solved with the help of grinding time. The weight setting can be adjusted very easily via the large color display. Of course, there are counters of issued portions for single / double and continuous grinding. Counters can be deleted, they are whole and counters that cannot be deleted.

Thanks to their robust construction, evaluation and precise grinding, they will find their application in all operations required by quality espresso. Grinding can be stopped at any stage by pressing the button again.

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