Fetco CBS-2131XTS-3L
Fetco CBS-2131XTS-3L
Fetco CBS-2131XTS-3L
Fetco CBS-2131XTS-3L

Fetco CBS-2131XTS-3L

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The Fetco Extractor CBS-2131XTS-3L Coffee Brewer adds innovative touch screen technology to their popular line of extractor brewers. The CBS-2131XTS-3L brews into a 3 liter airpot. Fetco’s extraction technology has been around for a few years. It incorporates Fetco’s cascading spray dome and uses pulse brewing to ensure maximum saturation of coffee grounds and optimal flavor extraction. Extraction technology also offers user-control over the pre-wet cycle, brew time, brew volume, and brew temperature. Fetco’s new XTS technology means that all controls can be accessed from one easy control panel on the front of the brewer. Set-up and adjustments are quick and intuitive, and the screens are easily customized for brewing different coffee profiles. You can easily adjust brewing time, volume, and temperature for each coffee blend you brew. Brewing into airpots means you can easily transport the coffee to where it will be needed, and it remain hot without a heat source and be dispensed as needed. The CBS-2131XTS-3L can brew 4-6 gallons of coffee/hour using 120 volts. Higher voltage electrical configurations are available. The brewer includes a hot water faucet for brewing tea and hot cocoa. Options include electrical configuration and choice of a plastic or stainless steel filter basket. Fetco CBS-2031XTS-3L spec sheet – see spec sheet for electrical configuration options. For use with Fetco F002 Coffee Filters. Fetco 3 Liter Airpots are sold separately. Export models are available.

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